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We are passionate about improving the lives of all people who suffer serious injury. Read about the campaigns we have been working on.

It can be difficult to seek justice, help or support at your most vulnerable. When traumatic events happen, the shock and distress can be overwhelming. And, while there may be help out there, many people in Britain feel there are too many barriers to getting legal support.

Everyone deserves a fair chance at justice. Part of this is having a suitable lawyer to represent you, whether at court or in negotiations. But while everyone deserves proper legal representation at their time of need, not everyone can afford it.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the vulnerable members of our society. Yet, several reports have indicated that child abuse has increased over lockdown. Get a brief overview of the data around the increase in abuse during Covid-19-related lockdowns, and expert insight from Professor Amaka Offiah on how to better safeguard our children.

Diversity is important in any organisation, but the legal industry in particular needs to reflect the society they represent. We consulted a variety of sources to find out how the legal profession is faring in terms of equal representation of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability and mental health.

Have a court hearing scheduled? Your legal team will be happy to answer any specific questions, but we’ve also provided this interactive walkthrough of a typical British courthouse. It takes you through every stage of attending a hearing, and also provides insight into what to do if you have any accessibility needs, so you can be fully prepared when the time comes.

No one should suffer under exploitative, inhumane and unfair work conditions. Unfortunately, modern slavery permeates every industry worldwide – from fashion and food to manufacturing and distribution. We looked at the modern slavery industry in the UK to find out how we can all do our part to help stop the crime.

Courthouses need to be accessible to everyone to ensure justice is available to all. However, our recent research has found that only 2% of courthouses across England, Scotland and Wales are fully accessible. Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have issues with your hearing or sight, or have hidden disabilities, you should be able to trust that you won’t be disadvantaged by the way the court is set up. Find out where it’s falling short.

Cancer accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK – however, being diagnosed at the earliest stages can result in a successful recovery. For this, doctors rely on patients being able to identify the signs and take action quickly. And yet, our new proprietary study has found that 88% of Brits can’t correctly identify symptoms of cancer. Read on to find out where else Brits lack important (and basic) knowledge about this deadly disease.

Despite recent renewed efforts by the government and the Ministry of Defence, military veterans are not getting the full support they need to adapt to life after service. This is the overwhelming consensus from the military charities we interviewed via our 2020 Military Charity Barometer. Read on to view all the findings from our UK-wide survey created in partnership with Veterans Lifeline.

While the brain is undoubtedly a remarkable organ, it can, like all areas of our body, benefit from a little extra attention. If you’re looking for ways to keep your brain healthy, adopting the following habits can help.

When we hear that someone has been abused, our sympathies should be with the survivor. But, all too often – and especially when celebrities are the accused – many will defend the perpetrator and try to place blame on the survivor. In this exploration of six high-profile cases of abuse, and the #MeToo movement, we ask: why are people so quick to ‘blame the victim’?

If you have a child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN or SEND) or are simply interested in SEN education, you’ve probably realised there’s a lot of information out there. But, while official facts and figures are available, wading through different guidelines, statistics and reports can be time consuming and confusing. So, we’ve mapped out a few key pieces of information.

Women’s reproductive health is a key component of a robust, productive society. So why is it so grossly neglected? With the help of consultant gynaecologist Dr Anne Henderson and a survey of British residents, we explore the financial, emotional and social realities of women’s reproductive health.

Over 99% of all businesses in the UK are SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises). Yet, we found that 95% of SME owners don’t know about the protections granted to disabled workers, which might explain why only half of people with disabilities are employed in the UK. Click through for the results of our proprietary study on SME owners’ knowledge and uptake of the Equality Act 2010.

We tested London’s public transport network to find out how well it caters for people in wheelchairs. Unfortunately, our results suggest wheelchair users often need to go the extra mile when commuting in London. Click through to learn more.

Learning your child has cerebral palsy can be overwhelming. We created the Cerebral Palsy Advice Hub to try to answer some of the questions you might have. Read our informative articles helmed by experts in the field, covering the facts of the condition itself, life with cerebral palsy, and where to get help and support.

Every year, the NHS winter crisis makes the headlines. But the truth is, A&E departments are immensely busy all year round. To showcase the difficulties of keeping one of the busiest NHS departments running smoothly, we’ve created an interactive challenge that puts you in the heart of A&E.

In this expert Q&A video series, we answer your questions about “revenge porn”, the nuances in the law, and the impact on victims.

In 2018, all British Armed Forces roles will finally be open to women. But as recent events have made clear, women still face inequality at work. The military is no different. In this feature we explore the heroic achievements of armed forces women and the workplace threats they've had to overcome.

Discover the true extent of the Scouts abuse scandal with our interactive map. Explore Scout leader convictions by name, area or associated Scout group, and discover information on each case.

We take an in-depth look into the most significant advances in spinal injury repair, to find out what the future holds for those with these life-changing injuries.

In 2016/2017, the NHS paid out £1.024 billion for wrong, delayed and missed diagnoses. We explore the facts and figures behind the alarming rise in misdiagnosis claims.

More than 20 years on from the Falklands War, the MoD still isn’t doing enough to protect servicemen from cold injuries. We explore the devastating effects of cold injuries, both then and now.

Travelling abroad for the first time after you have suffered a spinal injury can be a daunting prospect. Here, Bolt Burdon Kemp's Spinal Injury team gives advice on planning an accessible holiday.

When an employee returns to work after suffering a brain injury, it is key for an employer to try and understand that person’s individual needs. This guide helps employers, managers and human resources professionals to see matters from the employee’s perspective while also considering the resources of the business.

Sexting is often dismissed by teenagers as a harmless part of modern dating. But it can open the floodgates to a new form of child abuse. Learn about our campaign to raise awareness around this hidden issue.

Our interactive tool enables you to explore the signs and symptoms of reproductive cancers, explaining symptoms to look out for and what to do if you have concerns.

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