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Orthopaedic Claims

When an individual sustains multiple broken bones, the results can be devastating. For example, if injuries occur to both of their arms or both of their legs, it can result in a significant loss of independence. People who have suffered multiple fractures often have to rely on support from carers or their loved ones to manage their daily lives in these situations.

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What is an orthopaedic injury?

Orthopaedics covers the wider musculoskeletal system, including bones, ligaments and muscles. This means that an orthopaedic injury claim can look different on a case-by-case basis. Examples of orthopaedic injuries include fractures, broken bones, joint dislocations and ligament or tendon tears.

Why should I contact an orthopaedic injury claim lawyer?

If you sustain multiple broken bones – perhaps due to a trip, slip or fall – the results can be devastating. For example, injuries to both arms or legs can result in a significant loss of independence. Multiple fractures often leave you relying on support from carers or loved ones. This can make you more inclined to make an orthopaedic injury claim.

Some fractures might be more serious than others. This can result in treatment being focused on one injury while another is overlooked. You might also have suffered soft tissue damage, abrasions or a psychological injury.

Recoveries from fractures and other injuries take place at different speeds. We recognise that you might experience different symptoms and challenges throughout your recovery. No two journeys are the same, whether you’re making a fracture, torn ligament or multiple injury claim.

Road traffic collisions, workplace accidents and other serious incidents can result in people suffering fractures to any part of their body. An individual involved in a road collision might break arms, legs, ribs or any of the 206 bones in the adult human body.

We can help you by investigating your bone fracture or torn ligament orthopaedic injury claim. We can arrange your rehabilitation and seek interim payments to support you until a settlement is reached.

If you feel ready for free, impartial advice about an orthopaedic injury claim, get in touch with us today.

How will you prove my orthopaedic injury claim for compensation?

In personal injury claims, such as orthopaedic injury claims, you must prove the full extent of your injuries. We help you do this by instructing the appropriate medical experts to examine and report on your condition, likely recovery, and treatment recommendations.

The orthopaedic experts we use tend to specialise in one particular area of the body, so you know you are in good hands. Fractures can give rise to complex medical issues with life-long consequences, so medical evidence must be obtained from the most reputable experts.

Can I claim for multiple orthopaedic injuries at once?

If multiple bone fractures were caused by two or more accidents, each incident will require a separate claim.

For example, if you fractured an arm in an accident at work and then broke a leg in a road traffic accident, two claims would be made: one against the negligent employer and another against the road user. This is because the person or organisation you are claiming against can only be held responsible for the injury that their actions or negligence caused.

There may be some degree of crossover in terms of the losses suffered, such as earnings and care provided. Multiple injury claims is an area our team are experienced in dealing with.

Why choose Bolt Burdon Kemp for your orthopaedic injury claim?

Our orthopaedic injury claims lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve. Here’s why you can rely on us:

Contacting us

We can talk you through the various funding options for bringing your claim. The vast majority of multiple fracture injury claims are funded by   (otherwise known as ‘no-win-no-fee‘), so there is virtually no financial risk to you.

For further free legal advice about making a bone fracture or torn ligament claim, please contact one of Bolt Burdon Kemp’s expert solicitors on 020 3411 5839 or send us a message.

Our client receives £750,000 in compensation following a head-on road traffic collision

Our client was involved in a serious road traffic collision. She was driving correctly around a bend in her MINI when a van travelling in the opposite direction crossed onto her side of the road by several feet, hitting her head-on.

She suffered several life-threatening injuries including fractures to her forearm, femur, sternum, ribs and foot, multiple lacerations including to her face, soft tissue injuries to her spine and post-traumatic amnesia.

We instructed a case manager to carry out an assessment of our client’s immediate needs. We notified the van driver’s insurer of those needs and secured interim payments for the client totalling over £92,000. The insurer admitted liability for the accident after the van driver was convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. The claim took 5 years to reach a settlement due to the complex nature of our client’s injuries, her lengthy recovery and the number of expert witnesses involved.

We agreed on a settlement of £750,000. By the end of the case our client had made an incomplete, but good recovery from her injuries. She was pleased with the result and was happy to be able to put the incident behind her and move on with her life in a stable financial position.

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