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Brain Injury

Child Brain Injury Claims

Our highly empathetic and pro-active child brain injury solicitors understand the devastation that follows when a child suffers a brain injury, and the worries and concerns you, as a parent, may have about your child’s future.

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We’ll work closely and collaboratively with you to ensure that you and your child receive:

  1. Much needed practical and emotional support to help you and your child to adapt and cope with life following your child’s brain injury;
  2. Exceptional legal advice and step by step guidance as we tenaciously pursue your child’s claim;
  3. The compensation they deserve to guarantee as far as possible that they enjoy the best quality of life possible following brain injury;
  4. Peace of mind for you as a parent, knowing that sufficient funds will always be available to meet your child’s complex needs in the future. This could include specialist care, therapy, treatment, equipment and accommodation. A compensation claim will also reassure you that arrangements will be in place to ensure your child will be protected should anything happen to you.

Types of Child Brain Injury compensation claims

When your child experiences an injury that damages their brain, it can be the start of a difficult journey. Brain injuries in children can be caused by a variety of situations, including:

  • Road Traffic Accident including being struck by a vehicle when crossing the road
  • E-scooter accidents
  • Sports injuries, including riding bikes, skateboarding, football and basketball
  • Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy
  • Medical negligence
  • A fall
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide
  • Non-accidental injuries including shaking infants and toddlers and physical assaults

In general, teens are at higher risk of head injury than younger children and head injuries happen twice as often in boys than in girls.

How do BBK approach Child Brain Injury cases?

Our focus is on providing specialist rehabilitation at the earliest possible opportunity (rather than following the conclusion of the claim) when it has the greatest potential to improve your child’s outcome. We understand that you’ll need funds to pay for essential equipment, adaptations to your home and specialist professional care for your child. Therefore, it’s always our policy to seek interim payments of child brain injury compensation, where possible, to help you to meet these expenses.

When funds are available, we’ll work closely with you and an experienced paediatric brain injury case manager to identify your child’s care, therapy and equipment needs. This will ensure that the appropriate services are delivered in a coordinated and consistent way, maximising the benefit of these services to your child.

We’re experienced at facilitating communication between, and working with, you, your child’s school, education professionals, healthcare professionals and your local authority. The priority is to effectively meet your child’s educational needs and optimise their potential.

We are sensitive to the fact that in some cases of brain injury, many of the difficulties experienced by your child may not be immediately obvious, particularly if there are no visible signs of disability. This could mean that the true extent of the challenges your child faces on a daily basis, such as problems with memory, word finding, information processing and behaviour, may be missed by the professionals involved.

We are experts at proving and communicating the full extent of your child’s injuries to:

  • education professionals to ensure your child’s needs in school are understood and met; and
  • your opponent and to the court to ensure the compensation you claim for your child will meet their current and long-term care, therapy and treatment needs.

£1.8m on full liability for boy on his bicycle who suffered catastrophic head injuries

Our client was aged 12 when he cycled from land owned by a local council onto a ‘cycle way’, straight into the path of a moped. He suffered very serious head injuries with fractures to the temporal and basal skull and a subarachnoid haemorrhage. He was unconscious for several weeks and had extensive post traumatic amnesia. We argued that the local council should have taken steps to prevent such accidents happening. This meant the Defendant had to pay 30% of the full compensation amount. The Defendant made a payment into Court of £165,000, which they later increased to £550,000. This offer was rejected and by negotiation the Defendant’s offer was increased to £600,000 (the equivalent of £1.8m on full liability), which was accepted and approved by the Court.

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