Head & Brain Injury Claims

Our specialist brain injury solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in achieving strong results in complex claims involving adults and children with brain injuries. We’re recognised as a leading firm in the field of head and brain injury by the independent Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 guides.

Our head injury claims solicitors understand the importance of getting the right treatment and rehabilitation in place – and as quickly as possible – to ensure the best quality of life after suffering a head or brain injury. We can recommend our carefully-chosen, trusted partners in rehabilitative care and support who can help start the recovery process, including treatment and assessment, even before your claim has been settled.

Whatever your needs and whatever your claim following a head or brain injury, contact us now to find out how we can help.

What is a brain injury?

A brain injury occurs when a blow or trauma to the head causes significant brain damage. The consequences of a brain injury can be devastating for the injured person and their family, and lead to all sorts of memory, concentration, language and communication problems. The impact of a brain injury can vary depending on the type and severity of the injury. Find out more on what qualifies as brain injury here.

Why choose Bolt Burdon Kemp?

  • Head & brain injury specialists
    Our specialist brain injury solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in winning complex claims involving adult brain injuries and child brain injuries.
  • No Win, No Fee
    If we are confident you have a good claim, we will offer to act for you on a “no win no fee” basis. That means if your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay anything.
  • Rehabilitation & support services
    We work with partner organisations to provide easy access to some of the best rehabilitation and support services, so recovery doesn’t have to wait until your claim is settled.
  • Coverage in England & Wales
    We represent clients anywhere in the world who have been injured in England and Wales. We are able to pay you a visit at your home or hospital, anywhere in the country.
  • Highly recommended
    The Legal 500 guide has described Bolt Burdon Kemp as:

“full of talented, committed and experienced individuals” and “acts in a wide variety of claims, including cerebral palsy”.


  • The professionalism, integrity and empathy that Claudia, Cheryl and the whole team at BBK show is matched by their knowledge base.

    Gerard Anderson, Head of Brain Injury Services, Child Brain Injury Trust

  • I just want to let Colette and Cheryl know how grateful my family and I are for all their hard work and dedication, even when things were so uncertain, they were always my go to support.


  • Claudia was magnificent.  She put me at ease, was quick to respond and was just really good throughout.

    L O Brain Injury Client

  • Hokman, Suzanne and all the team were first class, they were absolutely brilliant.  I have nothing but praise for Hokman and Suzanne, they always went the extra mile for me.  I felt very lucky to have found Bolt Burdon Kemp and the money I received has given me the option of having treatment on my teeth privately.


  • "I cannot thank my solicitor Cheryl Abrahams enough. The stress that was caused by another firm mis managing my case was immense. The relief that I felt from the first meeting with Cheryl was also immense because I had absolute faith in her from the word go. The utter joy when the case was settled and we were awarded a life changing sum of money was a product of Cheryl's hard work and endeavour, ably assisted by Tracey Smith who was exceptionally informative, friendly and helpful. I can now move on in my life with renewed confidence and a home that belongs to me and my family, not the bank. The hard work that you put in to this will never be forgotten...I want my thanks to be given to all concerned, it is an amazing feeling to be in the position we are in now. Life changing."

    Martin Burke

  • Dear Jo Before I met you I was taking care of M under very difficult conditions because my house was not suitable for M.  And all I ever wanted was my son to be sleeping on a comfortable bed.  I couldn’t write or speak English and I’ve always thought how I could ever do something, it was risky.  One day, Jo’s number was handed into me and I called without knowing what was waiting for me and my family.  I met Jo in 2014, and I have been seeing her ever since.  Every time I saw Jo, she was working on how to give a better life for M, this made me and my family very optimistic.  The mother and fathers of kids like M that have their lives taken away from them, to give your kids a good and peaceful life without being worried, you can call Jo.  Jo and the team and the case manager, thank you very much for dealing and working for my son.

    M's Mum

  • "I really appreciated the way Cheryl Abrahams dealt with my personal injury claim. Cheryl managed my expectations well, was very patient in dealing with my many questions and helped to reassure me when I was anxious. I was treated with dignity and respect. I can't thank Cheryl and her team enough."

    Mary Ann Monteith

  • “Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my daughters case. You clarified many grey area of confusion that were left by the hospital in question and from your findings you have enabled my family to go forward with clarity and positivity. I would not hesitate to recommend Bolt Burdon Kemp to friends and colleagues in the future. Caroline Klage and Suzanne Trask are a credit to the firm.”

    Rebecca Cook

  • Thank you for all of the work that you and the team have done, it has been the highlight of (the rest of) my life.  I cannot comprehend how much you have done for me.

    Anonymous child brain injury client

  • Heather was excellent.  In fact excellent is not a strong enough word to describe her, she was always available and kept me informed throughout my case.  Hokman was very good too.  BBK are excellent.  They really are fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for any more.  They are in tune with people and their specific issues and they have restored my faith in solicitors.

    Marilyn Markall

  • Heather was amazing, nothing was too much bother – she always kept me up to date.  I am so glad I came to this firm.  I couldn’t fault the service, it was absolutely brilliant.

    Cathy Berrie

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How do I make a brain injury claim?

Every brain injury claim is unique, and we’ll carefully review your case details to ensure we achieve the best results for you. The five main steps for making a claim are:

1. Get in touch

For a free, no-obligation chat about your or your child’s claim, contact us on 020 7288 4800
or use our online brain injury enquiry form.

2. Funding options

If we think you or your child have a claim, we’ll help determine the best funding arrangements for you, which could include a “no win, no fee” agreement.

3. Rehabilitation 

We contact the party likely to be responsible for your claim, to notify them and ask them to consider funding your rehabilitation. We will also explore other rehabilitation  options to help you at this stage.

4. Obtaining records

We’ll request copies of your or your child’s medical records, GP notes, and accident reports to help us identify the severity of the injury, and its impact on your or your child’s life. This will help us assess whether anyone’s wrongdoing may have caused or worsened the injury.

5. Expert opinion

If the records support your claim, we’ll ask medical and/or accident reconstruction experts to prepare reports about the case.

6. Letter of claim

Once we have supporting evidence from all experts, we’ll write a formal “letter of claim” to the individual or organisation responsible for causing or worsening the brain injury.

Find out more about the brain injury claims process.

Who will pay my legal fees?

If we think you have a strong claim, we will find a way to fund it for you. The four main funding options available are:

1. ‘No win, no fee’ agreement, otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement

2. Legal Expenses insurance

3. Legal Aid

4. Paying privately

Find out more about the funding options available and partner organisations who can help.

What happens if my claim is successful?

Protecting your means-tested benefits

Your financial circumstances change when you receive compensation after becoming seriously injured. This means your means-tested benefits may be at risk. However, you can protect your entitlement to benefits by setting up a personal injury trust. Our specialist brain injury solicitors will be happy to advise you if this is relevant to your circumstances.

Investment advice

Investing your compensation requires careful thought and often specialist advice. We can recommend an appropriate adviser to help you, if you’d like to pursue this avenue.


In many claims for head and brain injury compensation, your current medical situation and future prospects may be improved by receiving appropriate medical treatment including surgery, physiotherapy, counselling or care at the earliest opportunity, rather than waiting for the claim to be concluded. We have arrangements with providers of rehabilitation services to ensure your recovery starts as soon as possible.

How much brain injury compensation will I receive?

Brain injuries have serious consequences for both the injured person and their loved ones. No amount of money can ever truly provide adequate compensation for the devastating effects of a severe head injury. However, compensation can help you to manage the consequences by funding much needed care, treatment and therapy, alleviating financial hardship and improving quality of life.

The amount of compensation you’ll receive depends on the severity of your injury, and the impact it’s had on your personal life and career, and will take into account any financial losses you have suffered.

What are the time limits?

There are strict time limits for bringing a claim for brain injury. Typically, you have three years from the date on which the injury occurred to issue a claim in court. If you do not issue your claim in time, you will lose the right to bring your claim altogether.

In some circumstances, you will be able to bring a claim within three years of the date on which you ought reasonably to have become aware that you had a claim. This ‘date of knowledge’ test is subjective and needs to be assessed on a case by case basis. It is therefore important that you get advice from a specialist solicitor as soon as possible to avoid falling foul of these time limits.

When bringing a claim on behalf of a child, you have to issue the claim in court before the child’s 21st birthday.

Successful claims with BBK

Brain Injury legal team in meeting

Multi-million pound award for pedestrian hit whilst crossing the road

Our client, a young successful professional, was crossing at a pedestrian crossing when she was involved in a collision with a motorcycle being driven at excessive speed. She sustained a severe traumatic brain injury as well as multiple fractures to her legs, arms, ribs and pelvis.

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A Guide to Brain Injury

This brief guide explains the different types of injuries that can occur, along with an explanation of the effects on different functional areas within the brain. It also displays the Glasgow Coma Scale – one technique used by medical professionals in order to classify the extent of injury caused based on an individual’s motor responses, verbal responses and ability to open their eyes in response to stimuli. Please click the image to see it in full size.