We believe that our clients are as critical to our success as we are to theirs. Given the nature of our work we believe the BBK client-solicitor relationship is much more than a business partnership. It’s a shared journey and often a very personal experience.

Just ask our existing clients…

  • My journey started with the company over two years ago. My husband was unfortunately killed while serving in the British Army and was killed by American soldier in non conflict of war. I approached Rhicha  who not only was very caring and compassionate regarding my husband’s death she was amazingly on the ball with no detail left unturned. The team I was appointed was the best team I could of used to take the challenge on and believe me every corner was a huge hurdle . Even when there was issues with my case they didn’t give up on me and my family . Words will never express how greatful I will always be for the hard work and dedication to myself and my children . After every challenging corner that was turned due to the complexity of the case they battled on the fight and we Won . I honestly can never praise the company and the amazing staff for there hard work and dedication and could not praise the company or Recommend them enough 5* the whole time thank you from the bottom of mine and my children’s heart . I hope I never need legal team again but if I did without a doubt you guys would be my first call.

    Sally Oxley and children

  • Selina was amazing, she kept me up to date and answered all my questions and queries.


    Joe was superb.  He was really fantastic with me from the beginning and very sensitive.


    Dino was fantastic.  I could tell him everything and I had confidence in his capabilities, he always got back to me and was always ready to talk to me.


    Olivia was exceptional.  I felt fully supported in every way, she was always willing to listen to me and take the time to make sure I fully understood everything that was going on.


    I wanted to finish this case for my daughter and Olivia helped me to do that.  She did a good job, kept me updated all the way and she was really good.


    Tracy is a lovely lady, so nice, a beautiful woman inside and out, polite and kind and so happy to just chat to me normally, which I really appreciated at a difficult time.


    We had a different firm before who were rubbish and from the minute you took over everything was looked after and it was no longer a struggle.  Ben was excellent, incredibly helpful and supportive.  He did what he said he would do.  I dealt with him for over 3 years and feel he is part of my family.  Everyone treated us with care, now it is finished I miss all of you.


    Dear Jo

    Before I met you I was taking care of M under very difficult conditions because my house was not suitable for M.  And all I ever wanted was my son to be sleeping on a comfortable bed.  I couldn’t write or speak English and I’ve always thought how I could ever do something, it was risky.  One day, Jo’s number was handed into me and I called without knowing what was waiting for me and my family.  I met Jo in 2014, and I have been seeing her ever since.  Every time I saw Jo, she was working on how to give a better life for M, this made me and my family very optimistic.  The mother and fathers of kids like M that have their lives taken away from them, to give your kids a good and peaceful life without being worried, you can call Jo.  Jo and the team and the case manager, thank you very much for dealing and working for my son.

    M's Mum

    Victoria could not have done more for me, she sorted everything out and obtained a fantastic settlement for me and my family.  Susan was great, she kept me up to date and she and the finance partner (Luke) were also wonderful – I had to move house quickly and they were so helpful in my time in need and released some money to me.  Everyone was so helpful.

    Richard Moore

    Danielle was amazing.  I needed someone to take control of a very emotional situation for me and she did that – she was concise and proper and sorted everything out.  She was so honest and straight up.  She definitely exceeded my expectations.


    I have been looking for the write words to say thank you to Gaggan Mawi for her care and kindness towards me and my family.  My expectations were exceeded all thanks to Gaggan.  She kept on fighting when I was hopeless.  Gave me good advices was always at the end of the phone whenever I needed to talk to her.

    Military claims client

    Joseph Carr was very good, really understanding, compassionate and sympathetic.  He was excellent and really professional.

    Anonymous child abuse client

    Sezan was really nice, she was very good with me and understood what a difficult time I was going through with the cancer diagnosis, she was really understanding and arranged for me to have some money sooner than I should – I am really grateful for that.  I was kept up to date and well informed.


    Jessica was great.  Everyone I dealt with was fantastic, contact was good and there was always someone there to answer questions.

    Gary Mitchell

    Charlotte was all over the admin in this case.  Nothing was left undone.  During the trial she picked my wife and I up every day and took us back – it was a big thing for me to go through this and I could only do it with these two.  The venue for the trial helped too as it was not an intimidating space – we smashed it!!!

    Ahmed was there for me when I was in a really bad place.  He was always in touch and if he knew I was bad he would not hang up the phone until he knew I was okay.  His advice was always sound, at no point did we go down the wrong path.  Whenever I needed to be put in my place Ahmed would do that for me and I needed that.

    Mark De Kretser

    I am very pleased with the outcome of my case, which has been a long and difficult journey for me.  I have unearthed and revisited many painful memories and had to share them with people not known to me.  This required me to build-up a fair amount of trust and confidence that I would be treated with patience and in a non-judgemental manner.  My case has been handled professionally, yet with a great deal of sensitivity and compassion and I am sure that this will be beneficial towards my healing.

    Anonymous child abuse client

    You were excellent in every way.  I can finally get closure on this time in my life.  Your firm and what it achieved for me has enabled my family and I to move forward with our lives – I never thought you would be able to change my life so much.  Hannah Swarbrick went completely beyond my expectations – she was supportive in every way – even when I was not well enough to deal with anything, she would call my wife to check on me.  She went far beyond what her job would expect of her.  She and your entire company are wonderful.

    Mark McAlmont

    You were brilliant.  I had gone to other firms and it was so stressful.  Your firm made it completely stress free, you kept me up to date, fully informed and at no point stressed me out about anything.  I can now get the help I need.  Everyone I dealt with was fantastic – Victoria in particular couldn’t have done anything better.

    Danny Fletcher

    I will, without hesitation, recommend this firm to anyone I know who could use your help.  Kate Roos was really helpful and nice – I felt she listened and actually cared – when you have this type of injury it can be difficult to engage and connect but I found Kate easy to work with and was very impressed with her and in particular her attention to detail.