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Abuse Claims

Where does abuse happen?

Child abuse and adult abuse can happen anywhere, including in your own home by someone you trust. Perpetrators tend to look for circumstances where they may be able to abuse their target without getting caught – or where they have access to a high number of people that they can abuse.

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This means there are some places where abuse is more likely to happen, simply because it’s more favourable to the criminals who engage in this behaviour. So, where does abuse occur most often? Below is a short outline of some of the places where perpetrators are most prolific:

Child Abuse in Schools

School should be a place where children are safe from harm and abuse, a place for them to learn and develop in a safe environment. Sometimes, however, the people in a position of authority abuse that trust and take advantage of a child. Whether it was sexual, physical, or emotional, a child who suffers abuse in school can be traumatised and this can have life-long consequences.

Child Abuse in Children’s Homes

Children in care are among the most vulnerable in society, but abuse in children’s homes is all too common. If you were harmed in a children’s home, we can help you seek redress.

Whether a child is in care permanently, or for a short period of time, children’s homes have a duty to look after the children in their care, and ensure their safety. This doesn’t always happen and, in some circumstances, these children become victims of abuse, causing long-term, life-changing harm.

Child Abuse in the Scouts

Scout leaders should encourage the adventurous, fun side of childhood, equipping children with life skills while ensuring they don’t grow up too quickly. While it can seem unthinkable that people with this responsibility would take advantage of the trust parents and children place in them, the sad reality is that, for decades, Scout leaders have used their position within the Scout Association to abuse children.

Child Abuse in the Cadets

If you were a member of the Army, Air, or Sea Cadets and suffered abuse, then you could be due compensation. Bolt Burdon Kemp has successfully represented clients in military Cadet abuse claims for many years – to date we have secured over £1 million in compensation.

Child Abuse in the Church

The idea that members of the clergy, considered by many to be some of societies most trusted people, would abuse children is shocking. Unfortunately, it does happen. Religious organisations and churches are places you would expect to be totally safe, but children are abused by the people they trust the most.

Child Abuse in Sport

Our specialist child abuse solicitors at Bolt Burdon Kemp can help you make a claim if you have been abused within a sport setting. Get in touch with our team of leading lawyers and we can help you through this difficult process. We act for the vast majority of clients on a no win, no fee basis and we also act in some matters on a legal aid basis. Although we are based in London, we have clients all over the globe and are happy to travel to see clients or for them to see us in London.

Adult Abuse

We understand how immensely difficult it can be to, firstly, come to terms with what has happened and, secondly, to take the necessary actions to seek justice for the crime.

Police Abuse Compensation Claims

The police are here to protect the public from crime as well as supporting victims and witnesses of crime.  For the most part, police officers uphold justice and are people we can trust. However, there are officers who abuse their standing given to them by their job and uniform.  This can be particularly traumatising as often they are there to support the individual they have abused.  Whatever form the abuse takes, it can have lifelong consequences.

Child Abuse in Youth Detention Settings

Children who are detained in institutions are particularly at risk of abuse due to the imbalance of power between them and those members of staff paid to look after and care for them. We can help bring a claim against institutions where staff abuse their positions of trust and exploit vulnerable children.

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