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Medical Negligence

Cancer by Body Part

Being diagnosed with cancer can be the beginning of a difficult journey. Finding out, or suspecting, that you received negligent medical care before, during or after diagnosis and treatment can make things even worse. Bolt Burdon Kemp can help you figure out what went wrong and who was responsible, as well as help secure the support you need. Read on to get a brief outline of the most common types of cancers, and how we can help with a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.

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What parts of the body are affected by cancer?

Unfortunately, cancer can affect every part of the body, from our skin, glands and organs, all the way down to our bones. In the UK, the most common cancers are breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer which account for over half of all new cancer diagnoses.

We’ve represented clients in a wide variety of cancer misdiagnosis claims, while also helping to provide them with the support you need when going through cancer treatment and the aftermath. The following are some of the common types of cancers that we’ve investigated in our cases:

  • Skin cancer misdiagnosis claims: There are two types of skin cancer: melanoma and non-melanoma both of which are typically caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Learn how to spot signs of skin cancer, and the ways it can be misdiagnosed.
  • Thyroid cancer misdiagnosis claims: The thyroid gland makes and releases hormones that control your metabolism and blood calcium. It’s a rare cancer that is more common in women than men. Read about the symptoms of thyroid cancer, what to expect from your doctor, and how it can be misdiagnosed.
  • Liver cancer misdiagnosis claims: Liver cancer is relatively rare in the UK although cases are rising. Find out about the often-vague symptoms of liver cancer, the diagnostic tests you may need to have and how it can be misdiagnosed.
  • Bowel and colon cancer misdiagnosis claims: Bowel cancer – or colorectal cancer – includes colon cancer (cancer of the large bowel) and rectal cancer (cancer of the rectum). It can be successfully treated in 90% of cases, which makes it all the more important to diagnose it properly. Read on for symptoms, diagnosis and misdiagnosis.
  • Pancreatic cancer misdiagnosis claims: Pancreatic cancer – and its symptoms – can occur in different ways in the two different parts of the pancreas. Learn more about the differences between the exocrine pancreas or the endocrine pancreas, and how pancreatic cancer can be misdiagnosed.
  • Lung cancer misdiagnosis claims: Lung cancer is extremely common, with smoking often being a major contributing factor. Find out the facts, symptoms and diagnosis of lung cancer, as well as facts relating to lung cancer misdiagnosis.

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