Adult Brain Injury Claims

Causes of brain injury due to medical negligence
Causes of brain injury due to accidents

Head injury claims involving serious brain trauma require particular expertise.

Our specialist head injury solicitors have a reputation for handling cases sensitively and securing early rehabilitation and after care.

We act on behalf of adults and children with brain injuries. This page is about adult brain injury and is designed to provide you with information about the process.

If you have a relative or loved one who has suffered a traumatic head injury, or you require further information, then contact our team today on 020 7288 4800 or send us an email and a solicitor will advise you about the best way to get the compensation and treatment they need.

Why are brain injury claims different?

The brain is the master control centre of the body. It constantly receives information from the senses about conditions inside and outside the body. It analyses this information and sends out messages that control body functions and actions. It stores information from past experiences, which makes learning and memory possible. It is the source of thoughts, senses, moods and emotions.

When things go wrong in the brain, the effects can be devastating, not just for the injured person but also for their family, friends and colleagues.

Unlike a broken arm or leg, which is easy to diagnose, an injury to the brain can be difficult to detect and is sometimes described as an “invisible injury” or “subtle brain injury”. Many brain injuries remain undiagnosed despite changes to the person’s function and personality.

At Bolt Burdon Kemp, our specialist personal injury solicitors know what to look for when making a head injury claim. Our aim is help you to gain access to the relevant support services and to improve the quality of life for the brain injured person and their family.

Causes of brain injury due to medical negligence

Brain injury in adults can be caused by various forms of medical treatment that have been conducted negligently. These include:

Brain injury during surgery

The most common cause relates to the restriction of oxygen to the brain whilst undergoing another procedure, usually under anaesthetic.

Undergoing surgery to the brain (neurosurgery) will always carry a risk of further injury and often when this happens, there has been no negligence. But if you are concerned then contact one of our brain injury solicitors who will be happy to discuss the situation with you.

Delay in receiving treatment

A delay in giving treatment to a number of conditions can end up damaging the brain. For example, a stroke or brain haemorrhage can cause significant brain damage and the sooner treatment is received the better the likely outcome. If a condition such as these is left untreated, the consequences may be irreparable.

Prescribing medication

Giving a patient the wrong medication, or the wrong dose, can result in a brain injury.

Causes of brain injury due to accidents

Brain injury caused by an accident can happen anywhere – the impact required to cause a traumatic head injury can be relatively mild.

There are over 100,000 admissions to hospital every year due to accidents that have caused a suspected brain injury. Most of those that were caused by someone’s negligence occurred on the road or in the workplace, or due to an accident in a public place – such as falling down a flight of stairs in a public building.

Any significant trauma to the head can cause a significant brain injury, not just a direct impact. A twisting motion, causing the brain to twist within the skull, can cause devastating damage to the brain.

For example, in a cycling accident, the injured person’s head may glance off the side of a car or other surface at speed causing the brain to twist, severely damaging the brain itself.

In other cases, the injury may only slightly damage the brain, but at the same time cause a restriction of blood and oxygen that will cause a secondary, equally damaging, injury.

Why choose Bolt Burdon Kemp for a brain injury claim?

We are recognised as a leading firm in the field of brain injury by the independent Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 guides to the legal profession, and noted for our expertise and focus on rehabilitation from serious brain injury.

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We are a specialist firm which understands the importance of arranging quick and effective rehabilitation when a client has suffered a brain injury. We have established partnerships with rehabilitation and treatment providers, support organisations, and brain injury specialists who can tackle the recovery from injury straight away. Even if the person you are suing has not yet admitted fault we can arrange treatment and assessment.

Once the claim for compensation progresses, our focus is on obtaining payments as early as possible to relieve financial hardship and pay for treatment.