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BBK Manifesto: Supporting stroke survivors with rehabilitation prescriptions

We call for improved use of Rehabilitation Prescriptions. In 2010, the Clinical Advisory Group recommended every patient admitted to a Major Trauma Centre should have their rehabilitation…

By Hokman Wong
BBK Manifesto: Reform the law on apologies in civil proceedings

The law on apologies in civil proceedings should be updated to ensure survivors of abuse are more likely to receive an apology. Section 2 of…

By Abbie Hickson
BBK Manifesto: Making courtrooms more accessible and safe

In 2020 we conducted research into the accessibility of Britian’s civil and criminal courthouses and the results were shaming. In our research we used 11…

By Jonathan Wheeler
BBK Manifesto: Stop the delays in our justice system

Our justice system is creaking under the weight of the severe backlog of cases affecting criminal, civil and coroners’ courts. This poses a severe threat…

By Jennifer Ellis
BBK Manifesto: Provide funding for the National Suspected Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) Pathway

Hospitals are failing to implement a vital clinical protocol to diagnose and treat patients with the spinal emergency condition Cauda Equina Syndrome due to a…

By Victoria Oliver
BBK Manifesto: Improve education and awareness about Cauda Equina Syndrome

CES is a spinal surgical emergency that can lead to lower limb paralysis and loss of bowel, bladder and sexual function. We call for increased…

By Victoria Oliver
BBK Manifesto: Invest in medical research into women’s health

There has been five times as many studies into male erectile dysfunction (ED) than premenstrual syndrome (PMS), despite less than 20% of men suffering from…

By Katie Lovick-Norley
BBK Manifesto: Create more spinal injury rehabilitation centres

BBK is calling for more specialised spinal injury rehabilitation centres across England and Wales to prevent families travelling up to 10 hours a day for…

By Victoria Oliver
BBK Manifesto: End the maternity care postcode lottery

BBK is calling for a centralised approach to maternity care to ensure consistent, high-quality health guidance for all women in the UK, irrespective of their…

By Hannah Travis
BBK Manifesto: Educate society about the effects of brain injury

When a person sustains a brain injury, particularly in adulthood, attempts to hide the effects of their brain injury are common. The injured person may…

By Laura Barlow
BBK Manifesto: Conduct a nationwide review into maternity care and birth trauma

We are supporting calls from the Maternity Safety Alliance for a national inquiry into maternity care in our Manifesto for Injured People. There have been…

By Olivia Boschat
BBK Manifesto: Oblige ACAS to notify workers of the civil claims route

Workplace experts ACAS should be made to inform employees of all the legal avenues available to them, including civil claims, when they’re contacted for advice,…

By Thomas Beale
BBK Manifesto: Treat whistleblowers in the NHS fairly

The Government must protect whistleblowers and listen to the concerns they raise. Better reporting from staff within the NHS will help improve the service for…

By Joshua Hughes
BBK Manifesto: Define bullying in legislation

BBK is calling for a legal definition of workplace bullying to protect workers’ rights. Currently, bullying is not clearly defined in UK legislation. As a…

By Thomas Beale
BBK Manifesto: Eradicate health inequality for those from ethnic minority communities

The NHS must prioritise raising awareness of conditions that specifically impact ethnic minorities, BBK says after discovering huge disparities in care experiences. Our Manifesto for…

By Olivia Boschat
BBK Manifesto: Revamp the Service Complaints process

The Service Complaints process is still not truly independent and needs updating to build trust among personnel, BBK believes. We have spoken to thousands of…

By Ahmed Al-Nahhas
BBK Manifesto: Improve the accessibility of public transport

We call for greater investment in public transport to improve access for travellers with disabilities, whose commute can take up to five times longer than…

By Victoria Oliver
BBK Manifesto: Change the sexual trauma jurisdiction

If you are a Service person you are less likely to get justice where you have been the victim of a sexual crime, so we…

By Claire Withey
BBK Manifesto: Build accessible homes

BBK is calling for a change in national policy to ensure new homes are built to accessible and adaptable standards as research shows the UK’s…

By Victoria Oliver
BBK Manifesto: Criminalise sexual relationships between trainees and commanding officers

During his time as Defence Secretary, the Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, promised to criminalise sexual relationships between trainees and commanding officers. He expressed this…

By Hannah Swarbrick
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