Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Claims

We at Bolt Burdon Kemp have specialist expertise in bringing claims against Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeons, whether treatment was provided privately or through the NHS.

Our experienced medical negligence team has successfully handled a wide variety of claims resulting from substandard ENT treatment including complex and catastrophic injury claims.

Injuries resulting from ENT treatment include:

  • Brain damage sustained during ENT surgery
  • Delay or failure to diagnose and treat cerebral spinal fluid leaks resulting in meningitis
  • Surgical damage to the facial or optical nerves causing facial weakness, facial paralysis or loss of vision
  • Surgical damage to nasal receptors resulting in loss of smell
  • Surgical damage to eye sockets and other facial structures
  • Delay or failure to appropriately treat nasal fractures
  • Hearing loss due to delay or failure to diagnose and treat ear problems
  • Hearing loss due to mismanagement of cholesteatoma
  • Mismanagement of inner ear conditions such as tinnitus or balance disorders
  • Delay or failure to diagnose and treat throat or neck tumours
  • Delay or failure to diagnose and treat sinus or nasal tumours

Why should I instruct Bolt Burdon Kemp for an ENT claim?

Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have considerable experience in handling claims arising as a result of substandard ENT treatment. We understand the difficulties you may experience when bringing a clinical negligence claim and can guide you through this very difficult and potentially stressful process to the conclusion of your claim.

We understand that every ENT claimant has different needs and priorities. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you in the circumstances.

As specialists in ENT compensation claims, we recognise that the success of your claim may depend on the knowledge and experience of the medical experts instructed. We have established relationships with many renowned experts both in ENT and other relevant medical specialisms. We will ensure that the medical evidence available in your case is of the highest standard and that the experts instructed have the experience and expertise necessary to support your claim effectively.

Substandard treatment or surgery to the ear, nose or throat can result in serious injury, cognitive impairment, or even death. We appreciate that the resulting disabilities and/or disfigurement can have a profound impact on day to day life.

At Bolt Burdon Kemp, we understand the importance of regaining your quality of life after you have been injured. We are familiar with the problems that you may face as a result of your injuries including difficulties in accessing the medical treatment, therapies and equipment you need to aid your recovery. We are also able to provide our clients with practical help and support to help minimise the impact of their injuries in the immediate, medium and longer term.

Successful claims with Bolt Burdon Kemp

£70,000 settlement for rogue doctor’s negligence

Our client underwent a surgical procedure by rogue doctor Rod Irvine in 2006. During the operation, Irvine failed to repair bowel incisions, which caused further complications to our client. Irvine was already facing hundreds of claims from previous patients. However, we won the case and negotiated a settlement of £70,000.

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