Fatal Injuries

Much of the work done by service personnel carries higher than average risk of injury. Negligence in training, maintenance of vehicles or equipment, inadequate instruction and protocols or poor medical care can have catastrophic consequences.

When it does it is not just a tragedy for the family of the victim in emotional terms, but often in financial ones as well. No-fault service schemes such as the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme can, to an extent, help the child, spouse or civil partner or dependents of the deceased, but this help is very unlikely to reflect the real, long-terms needs of all those left behind.

If negligence contributed to the death, we look at inviting civil courts to make an award that would put a claimant back, at least financially, into the position they would have enjoyed if the death had not happened.

An important step, both in the process of coming to terms with what happened and in finding out whether there was negligence involved, is the inquest. In suitable cases we can help the bereaved through the process. It can be daunting, but many clients find that with good advice they can at least reach an understanding of the events that led to their loss.

Nothing can compensate for the death of a loved one. We recognise that your grief is your own. We can simply help with the practical and financial problems and hope to make your situation a little easier to bear.