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Personal Injury Claims

Other Accident Claims

Alongside the personal injury claims related to carmotorcyclecyclingwork and trip & slip accidents, we have also helped people in relation to injuries sustained due to a variety of other accidents.

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We have over 35 years of experience of obtaining compensation for people injured in accidents. Our personal injury team are recommended in the independent guides to the legal professional; Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500.

Our solicitors are all members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and we pride ourselves on our proactive and sensitive approach.

We are committed to obtaining early and regular interim payments of compensation for our clients. We can also arrange a welfare benefits assessment from the outset of the claim and arrange for you to have private medical treatment to help you with your recovery as quickly as possible.

Other accident areas we’ve helped people in include:

  • accidents due to defects on roads and pavements;
  • public transport accidents;
  • building disrepair accidents;
  • accidents due to defective products;
  • sporting accidents;
  • injuries sustained whilst having cosmetic surgery; and
  • environmental claims.

Public Transport Accidents

Despite high safety standards being placed on public transport in the UK, accidents are surprisingly common. Unsuspecting passengers can suffer injury whilst travelling on coaches, buses, taxis, trams, trains, the underground, ferries and planes.

Accidents will often be caused by the driver. However, they can also arise from the negligence of other staff or by defects in the vehicle. As with other types of personal injury claims, if it can be shown that a duty of care existed and that the duty was breached resulting in injury, compensation should be recoverable from the transport provider.

Building Disrepair Accidents

Landlords have a duty to make sure that any property they let is fit to be lived in and to repair the property when necessary. Tenancy agreements will usually outline the landlord’s responsibilities. Even if this is not part of the agreement, the duty is still implied. The duty to repair covers the structure and the exterior of the property, although fixtures, fitting and furniture may too be covered if so stipulated in the agreement.

Where a property has fallen into disrepair, the landlord must be told about it so that they can take the appropriate action. The repair must then be carried out within a reasonable time. If those repairs are not carried out and an injury is suffered as a result then you may be able to claim compensation. In order to bring a successful claim against a landlord or property owner, it will need to be shown that the injury or health problem complained of was suffered as a direct result of the disrepair.

Defective Products

Consumer goods, such as household appliances, are regarded as defective if they do not meet the legitimate expectations of the person generally using it. Such defective products may cause personal injury, damage to property and even death.

Consumers need to be warned of any potential safety risks and provided with information to help them understand those risks. The safety of products also needs to be monitored and if a safety problem is found the appropriate action must be taken.

The producer of a faulty product will be primarily liable for the damage caused by that product. In certain circumstances distributors of the product may too be responsible. The amount that can be claimed will depend on the harm suffered.

Sporting Accidents

From ball games to motorsports, sporting injury claims can potentially arise from a variety of activities. Participation in sport very often involves the acceptance of some degree of risk of injury, particularly in contact sports. However, even where risk has been assumed, this does not necessarily prevent an injured sports person from making a successful personal injury claim following someone else’s negligence. Explain why?

Claims may be brought against:

  • other participants who intentionally or negligently cause harm;
  • referees or officials, for example in failing to stop dangerous play;
  • organisers, for example in failing to adequately risk assess a sporting event; or
  • owners of sporting facilities or grounds who provide unsafe premises or equipment.

Cosmetic Surgery

The cosmetic surgery industry is rapidly growing, with more and more procedures becoming readily available to members of the public. Before embarking upon such treatment it is important to research the process, the company, the surgeon and never feel pressured into committing.

Unfortunately, however, cosmetic procedures can go wrong and cause injury. In that event, claims could potentially be made against the company contracted with or against the surgeon themselves. Cosmetic surgeons are expected to exercise the same level of care and skill as would be expected of a responsible body of surgeons skilled in that particular type of surgery.

Environmental Claims

Environmental contamination can be harmful to human health. Examples include food poisoning, contaminated water supplies, inadequate waste disposal, chemical spillages and exposure to dangerous fumes. Pollutants can cause a variety of illnesses, diseases and in some cases death. Due to the ability of many contaminants to spread rapidly, there are often several injured victims with potential claims.

Our solicitors have experience in instructing the appropriate experts to ascertain whether there is a clear cluster of incidents, what the contaminant is and how it travelled and caused injury.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of any of the above accidents, call us on 0203 7971 878 or contact us online and one of our highly regarded accident compensation solicitors will provide you with a free consultation.

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