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Breast cancer: Was your medical treatment negligent?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, with over 55,000 new cases each year. Breast cancer can affect both men…

By Katie Lovick-Norley
BBK’s Reproductive Cancer Toolkit

At Bolt Burdon Kemp we all too often see the effect that a delayed cancer diagnosis can have. A late diagnosis of reproductive cancer can…

By Joshua Hughes
Army’s ‘Private Parts’ campaign aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer

Studies have shown that men are more likely to delay in approaching a doctor, particularly when they have an issue they view as embarrassing.  The…

By Rhicha Kapila
Safety Concerns for Breast Cancer Patients at Royal Stoke University Hospital

At least 26 women are suspected to have been harmed by poor breast cancer treatment. Treatment provided by a Consultant Breast Surgeon at the University…

By Ipek Tugcu
Thyroid Cancer and Medical Negligence

Thyroid cancer is a rare type of cancer accounting for less than 1% of all cancer cases in the UK. The numbers are however increasing…

By Hannah Travis
Bowel Cancer: How to move forward after medical negligence

Bowel cancer is the fourth biggest cancer in the UK. A study by Public Health England’s National Cancer Intelligence Network[1] confirms that the earlier it…

By Hannah Travis
Cancer: how does treatment in England compare to that in the rest of Europe?

Treating cancer has been a government priority since the ‘NHS Cancer Plan’ in 2000, which introduced waiting time standards for treatment. With the number of…

By Hannah Travis
Ovarian Cancer – Breakthroughs in Treatment

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common form of the disease in women in the UK; with 7,000 new cases a year in Britain and…

By Olivia Boschat
What is Proton Beam Therapy? – The new changes in cancer treatment technology

Proton beam therapy – what is it? We all remember the high profile story of Aysha King in 2014. Aysha was taken abroad by his…

By Hannah Travis
Brain Tumours (cancer) - When might there be a clinical negligence claim?

In the UK more than 9,000 people per year are diagnosed with a brain tumour, approximately half of which are cancerous (malignant) and half are…

By Ipek Tugcu
Prostate Cancer: How You Can Be Affected by Medical Negligence

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in the UK, with around 40,000 new diagnoses every year. It is also the…

By Ipek Tugcu
New Developments in Cancer Treatments

Are We One Step Closer to a Cure? We all dread the ‘c’ word, and hearing the statistics explains why. According to Macmillan, an estimated…

By Ipek Tugcu
Breast Cancer: Was Your Medical Treatment Negligent?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK. As a result, it is the third biggest cause of death from cancer[1].…

By Ipek Tugcu
Breakthrough in cancer - melanoma

“Spectacular” breakthrough in melanoma treatment Doctors have hailed a “spectacular” breakthrough in the treatment of advanced melanoma, which experts have said may bring a “whole…

By Joshua Hughes
Skin cancer – a red flag

A recent study by Which? hit the headlines recently for finding that two sun tan lotions offered only two-thirds of the skin protection they should.…

By Hannah Travis
Proton therapy: A miracle cure?

Life saving proton therapy has caught the attention of the media and been dubbed a “miracle cure for cancer.”  Proton therapy is a form of…

By Joshua Hughes

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