Panorama Cadet Abuse Cover-up

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Rebecca Sheriff

On Tuesday 4th July Bolt Burdon Kemp’s David McClenaghan and Rebecca Sheriff will be featured alongside a number of our clients during a special edition of Panorama – Cadet Abuse Cover Up on BBC1 at 10.45pm.  There are over 2000 Cadet groups across the country of which nearly 130,000 children are members.  As the title suggests, the program will focus on sexual abuse that has taken place within the Cadets which falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence and incorporates all branches of the Cadets, namely Army, Sea and Air Cadets.  A number of abuse cover ups have been discovered within the organisation with devastating consequences upon victims which ought never to have occurred.  It is hoped that the program will encourage victims to come forward and disclose abuse that they have suffered in the Cadets to the police so that criminal prosecutions can take place.


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