Addenbrookes Releases Report In to Myles Bradbury Failings

Siobhán Crawford - Solicitor in the Child Abuse Team

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Siobhán Crawford

Addenbrookes Hospital today released a long awaited report documenting their investigation in to Myles Bradbury and their failure to ensure the safety of children in their care.

The Trust has confirmed that there were clues missed over Bradbury’s conduct. He was noticed to be seeing patients out of hours but it was presumed that he was acting in their best interests by examining them at times that were more suitable for them.

Whilst the hospital policy is that a chaperone should be present for all examinations of children Bradbury consistently ignored the policy. When one doctor did confront Bradbury about this he said it was at the patient’s request.

image of myles bradbury

What we now know is that Bradbury was a predatory paedophile who appeared to be a warm and caring individual who did his best to help parents of and children who were desperately ill. Bradbury consistently relied upon his status as a consultant to dupe his patients, their families and his colleagues in to believing that he was acting in the best interests of the patients. By relying upon this status it was ensured that his actions were rarely questioned. This is borne out by a mother watching Bradbury slip his hand under her daughter’s top without warning but did not question it as she did not want to question his professionalism.

However, it was noted in the report that he went on holiday with the mother of one of his patients, that he was also “awfully focussed” upon the impact of the children’s conditions on the development of their puberty and that he used excessive puberty checks as an excuse to assault patients.

I have also seen correspondence directly from Bradbury to patients requesting them to make an appointment, again with him directly, for a check up. Needless to say the check up was not necessary.

I believe that had the above suspicions been raised and held on a central database all of the concerns from disparate individuals and departments would have come together and raised a red flag to the Trust triggering a much needed investigation and Bradbury’s actions would have come to light much sooner.


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