Success Stories for Trip & Slip Claims

Woman receives £150,000 following tripping accident on driveway

Ms White (not our client’s real name) was involved in an accident when she tripped on a defect in her driveway.  The incident occurred whilst she was returning to her rented flat.  The defect was several centimetres deep and caused Ms White to severely twist her ankle.

Ms White was taken to accident and emergency, where she was diagnosed as having suffered from an avulsion fracture and ligament damaged.  Her injuries failed to heal as expected. Months later after significant investigation, she was found to have developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Maintenance of the property’s common areas, including the driveway, was the responsibility of a management company. We wrote to the management company on behalf of Ms White notifying them of her claim.  Whilst they accepted some responsibility for what had happened, they alleged that Ms White was negligent herself in that she should have known where the defect was.

Following our investigations, it transpired that the driveway was covered in numerous similar defects making it impossible to remember them all.  Furthermore, repair works had been put off by the management company for a long time.  We took witness statements from other residents of the flats in support of this.

Ms White took various medications and underwent a variety of treatments to try and control her pain levels.  We arranged for her to be examined by orthopaedic, pain management and psychiatric experts who helped evaluate Ms White’s prognosis and rehabilitation requirements.  We also obtained an interim payment for her to support her financially whilst her claim was ongoing.

Little over a year after being instructed, we managed to obtain a settlement of £150,000 for Ms White.

Trip and fall over low parapet wall into basement flat

Our client rented a Victorian style first floor flat from a professional landlord.  It is presumed that the Claimant tripped and fell over a low parapet wall into the basement flat area below which was a 15 foot drop onto concrete as he was trying to open his front door. The Claimant had been drinking in a local pub with a friend on the night of the accident. The Claimant sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of the fall and could not remember the accident. There were no witnesses. At the time of the accident the Claimant was a chef and it was his goal to become a head chef. As a result of his brain injury he was unable to pursue this career but was able to continue working as a chef at a low level. We issued court proceedings against the professional landlord and obtained compensation for our client in the sum of £275,000 at a joint settlement meeting.

Slip on scaffolding accident

Mr D was 33 years old when he was working for a sub-contractor fitting fire doors at a nuclear bunker site in Northwood. He slipped from a scaffold platform, fell 2 metres, and sustained a fracture to his spine at T12, and left scapula. He was off work for 1 year and we recovered £125,000 in compensation for him.

Slip on wet staircase at work

Our client’s workplace was arranged over two floors, connected by an external staircase which was open to the elements, broken, and poorly-lit. One winter’s evening he slipped and fell, sustaining damage to his ankle ligaments from which he made a partial recovery. The company went into liquidation. We therefore had to apply to restore the Company to the Companies Register before we were able to commence court proceedings against it. We were successful in our claim and obtained compensation from the Company’s insurers in the sum of £31,000.