Success Stories for Motorcycle Accident Cases

You are reading a selection of our Motorcycle Accident Compensation cases successfully won for our clients.

£700,000 settlement for motorcyclist knocked down by van driver

Tony Davies (not our client’s real name) was riding his motorcycle when without warning a van failed to give way and pulled out of a side road into our client’s path.  Mr Davies was unable to avoid the impact and collided with the Defendant’s van.  The crash caused Mr Davies to be thrown from his motorcycle and onto the road.

Mr Davies suffered multiple serious injuries including a brachial plexus injury, which resulted in a marked restriction of use of his dominant right arm, wrist and fingers.  He also suffered a dislocated shoulder, a fractured shoulder blade, fractures to his spine that required surgery, rib fractures, a lung contusion and a laceration to his liver.  As well as his physical injuries, Mr Davies experienced depression, anxiety and nightmares as a result of the accident. He never returned to riding his motorcycle.

The Defendant’s insurers initially denied liability for the accident.  We therefore instructed reconstruction expert to prepare a report on how the collision occurred, following which the issue of liability for the accident was resolved.  We also obtained expert evidence from orthopaedic, psychiatric, spinal, occupational therapy and employment experts in order to help value Mr Davies’ claim.

We were eventually able to agree a value of £700,000 with the opposition following negotiations, which took place at a joint settlement meeting.

Motorcyclist receives £35,000 after suffering broken wrist

Our client was involved in a road traffic accident whilst riding his motorbike.  He was riding along a road when a lorry pulled out of a junction, knocking him off his motorbike.  He sustained a wrist fracture which required surgery.

Prior to the accident, our client carried out a variety of jobs, both on an employed and self-employed basis. A significant amount of his work was as a security operative for sporting events.  He would regularly be required to physically control disorderly sports fans.  Our client’s wrist injury prevented him from carrying out this type of security work for approximately one year.

Our client approached us after being dissatisfied with the advice of his previous solicitors, who recommended that he make a settlement offer of £21,000, which did not properly account for his loss of earnings.

After the claim was transferred to us, we obtained further medical evidence from an occupational expert and also witness statements from the client’s colleagues.  We were subsequently able to negotiate an increased settlement of £35,000.

Compensation obtained for moped rider following collision with taxi

Our client was riding his moped along a main road when, without warning, a taxi travelling in the opposite direction pulled across his path.  The taxi driver failed to see our client before turning into a junction.  Our client crashed into the side of the taxi. He sustained multiple fractures to his hip and legs and was airlifted to hospital.

Our client underwent extensive surgery.  Metal work was inserted into his legs and he remained in hospital for two weeks.  Following his discharge from hospital, our client was provided with a considerable amount of care and assistance by his friends and family members.  Approximately nine months after the accident, some of the metalwork was removed from one of his legs during a further operation.

Shortly after taking on our client’s claim, we arranged for his immediate needs to be assessed by a case manager.  We then instructed medical experts to examine our client and prepare reports on the extent of his injuries.  We also obtained interim compensation payments for him throughout the duration of his claim.  His claim settled out of court for just over £61,000.

£1.25 million damages for motorcyclist accident compensation claim

Mr A was stationary on a motorbike at traffic lights and the Defendant’s 4×4 vehicle came from behind and ran him over.  Mr A sustained orthopaedic injuries in his motorbike accident and was briefly concussed.  Mr A claimed that but for the motorbike accident, his career would have developed and he would have become a hedge fund manager, earning even larger sums in the City of London.

The Defendant’s solicitors paid compensation of just over £1.28 million, plus legal costs.

£115,000 compensation for motorcyclists accident against the police

Mr K was involved in a motorcycle accident when the Defendant, a police officer driving a police van, drove into our client at a cross-junction.  The traffic lights were green in our client’s favour but the Defendant alleged that the police van was entitled to jump the red lights as it had its siren and blue lights on.  However, this was never proven.

The accident caused Mr K to be thrown off his motorcycle and he landed in the road.  As a result Mr K suffered multiple fractures to his left forearm, right hand and wrist, and to his pelvis and left leg.  He required a number of operations and also suffered significant scarring.

We were able to negotiate a settlement in the sum of £115,000 for Mr K plus his legal costs.

£190,000 motorbike accident compensation

Mr H was involved in a motorcycle accident whilst riding his scooter on Bounds Green Road.  There were two lanes on his side of the road.  He knew a side road was coming up on the left and that traffic would be exiting and therefore he moved into the outside lane.  A white van was waiting in the side road to turn on to the main road and was in a stationary position.  Our client passed him but then a BMW edged out, overtaking the white van and collided with our client’s motorbike.

Our client claimed motorbike accident compensation for his injuries which included a break to the inside of his ankle. He has to undergo a number of operations and his ability to work has been affected.

We obtained motorbike accident compensation of £190,000 for our client, plus his legal costs.

Claimant receives £650,000 compensation for knee injury in motorbike accident

Our client was involved in a motorbike accident and suffered a complex dislocation of the left knee including ruptures of both cruciate ligaments, the collateral ligament complex, the medial patellar retinaculum and the common peroneal nerve.  He suffered complete foot drop, and had to wear an ankle-foot orthosis for 4 years.  Despite a 5-year course of treatment involving 5 operations, he has been left with a painful and deficient knee.  He is likely to require complete knee replacement by the age of 60 and secondary replacement by the age of 75.

In addition he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder which required prolonged psychological therapy and treatment with antidepressants.  At the time of the accident our client was employed as an electrician but also had a passion for Thai Boxing.  He had won 5 fights and was aiming to be world champion.  As a result of his knee injury he was unable to participate in Thai Boxing and therefore lost his chance to pursue this career.

He was also unable to do heavy manual work as a result of his injuries.  Cheryl Abrahams conducted this case and obtained £650,000 compensation for our client one month before trial.

Liability settlement allows Miss R to claim motorbike accident compensation

Our client, Miss R, was the rider of a motorbike and an accident took place when our client was travelling along Edgware Road.  At the junction with Boscobel Street, London W1, the car driver turned right across her path and our client’s motorbike collided with the side of that vehicle.

Our client claimed motorcycle accident compensation and we have recently achieved a liability settlement which will enable her proceed to obtain damages for her personal injuries.

Motor cycle accident compensation for courier

Mr B was 16 years old and working as a motorcycle courier.  As he was driving his motorcycle, the door of a parked van opened and to avoid a collision, he was forced onto the opposite carriageway where he was struck by a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction.

Mr B sustained catastrophic head injuries and spinal injuries in his motorcycle accident and we sued both the van driver and Mr B’s employer for accident compensation.  We argued that the employer had provided a vehicle which Mr B was too young and untrained to ride, and effectively the means for him to have a serious accident.

Days before the liability trial, both Defendants jointly accepted 90% liability for our client’s motorcycle accident and agreed to pay him compensation for his injuries.