Success Stories for Industrial Disease

You are reading our Industrial Disease Claims success stories.

Noise induced tinnitus and hearing loss for Royal Navy Seaman

Our client was an Able Seaman (First Class) in the Royal Navy.  He was twice exposed to excessive and harmful levels of noise.  He suffered acoustic shock and chronic tinnitus.  He was medically discharged and suffered from depression.  He lost a long Navy career and potentially lucrative civilian career in hydrography and meteorology.

We valued his loss of earnings, benefits and pension with reference to specialist experts.  We were able to deflect arguments about contributory negligence through our understanding of training and specialised equipment necessary for our client’s role and responsibilities.  His claim settled for £830,000.


A university cleaner was exposed to chromic acid used to clean laboratory glassware. She had pre-existing psoriasis, which was severely exacerbated by the exposure. She was unable to work as a cleaner again. Compensation was awarded at £42,000.

Exposure to chemicals

Mrs F was a nurse at the North Middlesex Hospital who used a chemical called glutaraldehyde to sterilise surgical equipment. As a result of the hospital’s failure to take special precautions when instructing staff to use the chemical, Mrs F became severely asthmatic from prolonged exposure to the chemical. As a result she had to give up nursing, a profession she dearly loved. The case went to trial in the High Court.

The judge found that the hospital’s failure had indeed led to our client contracting this most “insidious” form of asthma, and awarded compensation of £225,000 – the highest award at the time for this type of case.

Pipe laggers asbestos injury

Mr B had worked as a pipe lagger at Michelin Tyre’s plant in Stoke. While working there he had come into contact with asbestos, which had lagged the pipes. He had inhaled large quantities of the dust at a time (back in the 1950’s and 1960’s) when he did not realise that to do so was extremely unsafe.

Much later (and well after he had retired), he was diagnosed with asbestosis and sued his former employers for the damage they had done to him. He was at risk of contracting lung cancer and would probably require specialist nursing care for the last years of his life. A High Court Judge awarded him over £63,000.

Repetitive strain injury for industrial machinist

Our client made large industrial bags for storage of sand and similar bulky materials. She had to make repeated unergonomic movements of her left arm and shoulder, which aggravated and accelerated an underlying medical condition by two years. Compensation was agreed at £13,000.

Roadworkers claim for vibration white finger

Our client was a ganger on a road building and maintenance team. He used a jack hammer for up to 3 hours at a stretch without a break over a prolonged period. The vibration of the hammer caused his condition (also known as Reynaud’s phenomenon). His fingers were blanched at the tips, causing him pain and stiffness and went numb in cold weather.

The lack of any health and safety checks on the time he was using the hammer, and the lack of any warnings from his employers, contributed to the Defendant’s wish to settle the case. He accepted the Defendant’s offer of settlement of over £12,000.

Widows claim for engineer with mesothelioma

Mrs B was the widow of a retired engineer, who had been diagnosed with mesothelioma 15 years after he had retired. He died from this disease. He had had a number of different employers during his working life, and his widow knew little of his working conditions. A friend of the deceased was able to provide some information about those conditions. We investigated his employment and medical history, and analysed a large quantity of relevant records from a former employer. Legal proceedings were issued and served and shortly afterwards we negotiated a settlement of £25,000.