Military Claims Advice

If you’ve been mistreated in the military, or have been injured due to failings by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), you may be considering bringing a military compensation claim.

As well as helping pay for rehabilitation and lost earnings, a claim can help hold the MOD accountable – and it could be crucial in helping protect your fellow servicemen and servicewomen from further harm. But the rules for making a claim can be complicated, and it’s probably not something you’ve ever had to think about before.

We’ve put together a series of military claims advice pieces to demystify the process, helping you learn more about how it all works and what making a claim against the military might involve:

  • You and your team have been excellent, diligent and very patient.  I’d like to say a huge thank you.  Hopefully I never need a solicitor again but if I do it would be a no brainer to proceed with BBK.

    Former Army Officer

  • Olivia was great, I felt very informed and knew what was going on all the time.

    Charlie Taylor

  • Susie, the lady who did the money, was brilliant at letting me know what was going on.


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Success stories with Bolt Burdon Kemp

Ahmed Al-Nahhas from Bolt Burdon Kemp

Six-figure settlement for delayed ulcerative colitis diagnosis

Our client, a Private in the British Army, suffered a perforated bowel, following a delayed ulcerative colitis diagnosis by army medical professionals. As a result of his injury and subsequent treatment, he was medically discharged and his army career was cut short. We won the case and negotiated a settlement of £575,000.

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