Pedestrian Road Traffic Accidents

A pedestrian can suffer particularly serious personal injury in road traffic accidents. Obviously they are at considerable risk when using roads as they are unlikely to be wearing any protective clothing. Please ensure that you always cross roads at crossings and keep an eye on what the traffic is doing. If you are walking along a road, walk against the flow of traffic and if it is dark try to wear bright or reflective clothing. Always be aware of what the traffic and other pedestrians are doing and remember to apply the Highway Code at all times.

If you are injured in a road traffic accident, you should obtain as many details as possible about the person and the vehicle involved before obtaining specialist legal advice about your accident compensation claim. You should remember that even if there are no witnesses at all it is still sometimes possible to make a successful personal injury claim – consult us immediately and we will give you firm and free advice.

If you trip or slip on the road or pavement because of its defective surface, or maybe because oil, ice or leaves have not been cleared, we can help too.