It can happen to anyone: Sharing brain injury stories for Action for Brain Injury Week 2024 | Bolt Burdon Kemp It can happen to anyone: Sharing brain injury stories for Action for Brain Injury Week 2024 | Bolt Burdon Kemp

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It can happen to anyone: Sharing brain injury stories for Action for Brain Injury Week 2024

Imagine moving to a new country for a job, but then suffering a stroke leaving you with new disabilities, unable to work and separated from your family.

This year’s Action for Brain Injury Week focuses on showing how brain injuries can affect anyone at any time, and this is exactly what happened to one of our clients.

A Life Re-written is the theme of this year’s ABI Week 2024, hosted by Headway – the brain injury association, which runs from 20 to 26 May. The goal is to shed light on the profound and lasting impact of brain injuries, which can strike unexpectedly and alter lives dramatically.

It highlights the disruption of plans, changes in life goals, and even shifts in the personal identity such injuries cause.

To support the cause, Headway encourages people to explain life with a brain injury and how individuals adapt and set new life goals. You can participate by sharing your story on Headway’s website.

Real life story

In my role as a senior paralegal in the Adult Brain Injury Team at Bolt Burdon Kemp, I witness firsthand how a brain injury can completely alter an individual’s life. However, I am also fortunate to be able to support injured individuals to turn their lives around in a positive way.

The client I mentioned earlier, a young and healthy man who suffered a stroke shortly after arriving in the UK, was left faced with physical challenges, like spasticity in his dominant hand and leg, and foot drop, as well as emotional struggles. His life plans had unravelled.

Despite these setbacks, he committed himself to rehabilitation, aiming to regain his ability to work and improve his physical condition. Through his determination, he eventually returned to work, successfully adapting to his new circumstances and overcoming the impact of his stroke. Not only did he achieve new goals, but he also managed to revive old life plans and create new ones.

This young man’s remarkable determination in rehabilitation and courage to adapt to new circumstances is just one of the many stories of resilience I have had the privilege of witnessing, seeing the human capacity to adapt to challenges, overcome adversity and thrive after experiencing a brain injury.

ABI Week 2024 presents an opportunity to increase knowledge about this often misunderstood issue and provide a platform for those with lived experiences to share their stories.

By fostering understanding, offering support and showing what life can look like after a brain injury, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals living with brain injuries and their families.

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