Raquel Siganporia and Jo Chapman speak at the Catastrophic Injuries Conference

July 11, 2011

Posted by: Raquel Siganporia

It was with great pleasure that my colleague, Jo Chapman, and I were invited to talk at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers’ annual residential Catastrophic Injuries Conference.

As someone with a spinal cord injury, I decided to give a presentation on what it was like to have a spinal cord injury and how someone copes with such an event. Topics covered included the early days and months, rehabilitation, discharge from hospital, as well as the impact on the family and psychological effect.

As lawyers we are often concerned with obtaining the best legal results for our clients and it can be easy to forget that for the client they often have no idea what to expect and much of it is a minefield in which they are expected to assimilate a vast amount of information about a new topic that often becomes a permanent feature of their life. Knowing when to impart our specialist knowledge is key both for the client and in order to achieve the best result possible to ensure the client has the security and quality of care they require to ensure their life continues.

The event provided an opportunity for all who work in this area to exchange ideas and to hear about the latest developments from those in the industry. It was a great success and one which we look forward to contributing to in the future.

Posted by: Raquel Siganporia


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