Life at BBK

Here is some more information about our benefits and how we work at Bolt Burdon Kemp:

  • Financial remuneration

We offer a competitive salary, pension plan, discretionary bonus scheme (a ‘thank you’ for exceptional performance) and private health insurance.

  • Flexible working

Our general rule is that people can work when, where and how they like provided clients’ expectations are exceeded, the remainder of the team is happy and financial and other targets are met.

  • Our workspace

We’d describe this as open plan, vibrant, relaxed and fun. We have different working spaces to suit different needs – quiet zones, collaboration spaces, training areas, regular work desks and break out areas for catching up with a colleague, reading a book and taking a break!

  • Fluid working

We do not have designated individual work desks; instead everyone gets the opportunity to choose from a variety of workspaces – the sofas, pods, work desks or standing workspaces. We find that this fluidity gives everyone the opportunity to meet colleagues from across the firm and encourages collaboration and information sharing. We introduced fluid working in January 2019, we love it!

  • Health and well-being

We encourage people to look after their physical, mental and social well-being. We offer fitness classes, football, netball and running clubs and fresh fruit every day. We allow everyone to take as much holiday as they like provided their clients’ needs are met – we judge our people on the work they do, and for our lawyers the chargeable hours they clock up, rather than ‘presenteeism’ in the office. We encourage our staff to make sure they take proper breaks ‘off the grid’ to make sure they recharge. We offer internal training on topics such as resilience, managing stress, creating positive habits and goal setting.

  • Fun

We like to socialise with one another and there are a number of events, celebrations and parties that mark our social calendar. A few regular ones include our annual BBK Fun Day, the Christmas party, our (annual) subsidised ski trip and the quarterly firm meetings. We also have a host of clubs to get involved with – from poker, theatre, film, and chess to presenting and debating. We are always looking for new ideas and encourage our people to start clubs which interest them and their colleagues.

  • Corporate and social responsibility

This is incredibly important to us. We are committed to paying at least the London living wage to all our staff and contractors and have joined the Living Wage Foundation. We have received the Bronze Award from the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition scheme  in recognition of our support for those who have worked or are working in the Armed Forces and our commitment to supporting them in the civilian sector. We are a member of The Law Society’s pro bono panel to help victims of terrorism. We support charities that support our clients’ needs and encourage all our staff to get involved in fund raising. From bake sales and food fairs to running the London Marathon, the Great North Run and participating in the London Legal Walk, right through to more adventurous pursuits such as The 6 Peaks Challenge, sky diving, abseiling, airplane wing walking – there is lots to get involved with.