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We believe that our clients are as critical to our success as we are to theirs. Given the nature of our work we believe the BBK client-solicitor relationship is much more than a business partnership. It’s a shared journey and often a very personal experience.

Just ask our existing clients…

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I would like to thank Zahra for the way she handled my case against the Scouting Association. She was always sensitive to the distress this caused, opening up an old wound and scratching it. But I feel a sense of moral victory and find myself thinking about it all less often.

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Laura and the team were great - they were cohesive and diligent - nothing fell through the cracks!

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Zahra took me under her wing and explained the whole claim process to me. She was very supportive and understanding and I always felt that I could contact Zahra at any time for an update.

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The service everyone has provided from Bolt Burdon Kemp has exceeded my expectations at every step of the way! Everyone involved has made me feel supported, listened to and I feel like I was in good hands the whole way. I couldn't speak highly enough of Hannah and everyone involved. All have been amazing from start to finish. Thank you all for everything and helping me bring closure to a bad part of my life and helping me be able to start again and move forward from it.

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I would like to take this opportunity to express on behalf of our family, our gratitude to your whole team for your excellent advice, support and communication throughout the whole process. In particular, Tommy Beale. In addition to having a very clear understanding of the law and the issues around the case, Tommy was also able to provide advice at all stages with sympathy, emotional understanding, support and realism. Tommy’s support, advice and negotiating ability, in the final joint settlement meeting, helped to achieve a result that we all felt was fair and reasonable, and most importantly avoided the further trauma of seeking a settlement through a court hearing.

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Charlie Cave

Ben and his team have been brilliant since taking over my case from my previous solicitor. They have always made sure I had all the information and guidance I’ve needed to make the best decisions for my case. They have gone through over four years’ worth of appointments, letters and statements to build the best case for me. I couldn’t recommend Bolt Burdon Kemp enough as they have been able to secure a more promising future for myself.

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Jessica was exceptional! I had a great experience with Bolt Burdon Kemp and I felt that I was really taken care of. Jessica took her time and explained everything to me carefully and clearly. She was sensitive, understanding and reassured me every step of the way.

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Simon Howards

Zahra handled everything superbly. She was fantastic and really understanding of my situation. She reassured me and kept me up to date with the progress of my case. The settlement I received was far beyond what I had hoped for.

Maria Jarzykowska

My experience with Bolt Burdon Kemp has been an extremely positive one. I was given support and expert advice when needed, and I was kept appraised of the progress of my case throughout. They get full marks from me for the professional expedience with which my case was treated, and I count myself very lucky to have found them. They handled the organisational aspects and I did not have to worry about sorting out appointments on my own, turning a potentially overwhelming situation into a manageable one. I would like to thank Ben and his team for making my life easier and stress free. I strongly recommend BBK's exceptional service.

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Joseph was considerate,  professional and extremely easy to talk with throughout. I received an outstanding service from Bolt Burdon Kemp.

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Nigel Winsper

Jessica was amazing, put me at ease and I found her humble and lovely. She communicated with me regularly and clearly. She spoke to me in layman terms and avoided the heavy legal terms so that I understood all the details about my case. I was truly given a five star service - the process was effortless due to Jessica's work.

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Thomas was respectful, tasteful and kind. I was apprehensive in the beginning as it was a very sensitive matter for me but I needn't have worried, Thomas put me at ease right away. He kept me up to date at all times and the communication was faultless. He went above and beyond for me - thank you Thomas!

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Everyone that I had interacted with at Bolt Burdon Kemp bought their own personality and every single person kept the standard of service high. Zahra was exceptional and brilliant!


The service that I received was really fantastic. I cannot fault the service and cannot praise the firm enough. Olivia was exceptional and together with the barrister was a strike force team to be reckoned with. Olivia exceeded my expectations and pushed things forward to get the best settlement for me.

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Emma was fantastic and she was easy for to talk to especially at my low points. She supported me always and was sensitive and supportive throughout.

Nathan Stevenson

I am very happy I chose Bolt Burdon Kemp, I had spoken to several other legal firms before settling with Bolt Burdon Kemp, I was given much more time to speak about my case opposed to the other legal firms and I also felt much more comfortable and personal with the team being very involved and compassionate towards my claim. Ben Pepper is a fantastic, caring solicitor and I am very happy with every step we took towards the claim. Ben gave helpful advice throughout the process always pushed the defendants when needed. If I ever had any questions or a problem during the claims process, Ben was always there when I needed help and really pushed forwards for me. Ben and the team take their work seriously and I am very grateful for the results we achieved.

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Abbie was amazing throughout my case. She was sensitive with me and she was very easy to talk to. She kept me constantly up to date and I trusted her and her knowledge without question. She definitely exceeded my expectations.

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Bolt Burdon Kemp really impressed me and the service i received was exceptional. Emma worked on my case and she was brilliant. She was friendly and made me feel very comfortable in talking to her about my case.

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Bolt Burdon Kemp did really great and exceeded my expectations. Rebecca provided me with exceptional service. She was always there for me and she kept me informed at every stage. I could always contact her with any query and she would always get back to me with a response.

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Jessica was amazing absolutely no complaints whatsoever. I cannot fault the service I received and Jessica's communication was always on point.

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