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We believe that our clients are as critical to our success as we are to theirs. Given the nature of our work we believe the BBK client-solicitor relationship is much more than a business partnership. It’s a shared journey and often a very personal experience.

Just ask our existing clients…


I cannot stress how exceptional the way the case was handled by Jessica Standley from start to finish, she dealt with every issue I had in a considerate & professional manner.  Never at any time did I have reason to regret any decision that was made in the process which I’m sure you understand was a very sensitive & emotional time for all concerned.  I would say to anyone who had any doubts or fears about the issue of engaging solicitor’s in abuse cases should look no further than Burdon Bolt Kemp & particularly Jessica.


I am extremely thankful for all Bolt Burdon Kemp and in particular Beth, have done for me and family.  I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders and the fog is starting to clear now.  For years I felt l was going crazy, couldn't understand my thoughts or feelings.  At times I had very dark days. Then though Sosa I was placed in your team's hands and you fought for me when even one of my own parents didn't.  I was believed.  I also got a name for my pain, PTSD and hyper vigilance sensitivity which I always knew was there but wasn't believed, I'm learning to deal with it and trying to control my anxiety issues which isn't easy, I will get there eventually. The money will help massively with mine and my family's future moving forward and some treatment for me.  More importantly you guys believed me from day one.  I was treated with dignity and respect, you can't put a price on that.  Please keep doing what you are doing. I will be forever grateful.


Tommy was a great geezer a fantastic person.  He was really understanding and compassionate and the whole team were also really good.  I was really happy with the firm.


Joe was compassionate, competent and an all-round excellent lawyer.  I don’t trust people easily and it only takes a few minutes for me to know if I will trust them or not but with Joe I knew instantly.  I usually give people enough rope to hang themselves and Joe never hung himself.  He told me what he was going to do and it played out exactly as he said it would, almost word for word.  Not once did he move the goal posts.  (Shame he is an Arsenal fan!!!!)


Jess was first class, I cannot speak highly enough of her.  She explained everything to me and kept me informed of all the processes involved.  She was brilliant.


Kathleen is excellent - a lovely person that I would not hesitate to recommend to others.  If I needed a solicitor in the future I would use her again.  Without Kathleen’s help and expertise I would not have received such a good settlement.


We love Rebecca, she is hands down one of the best people I have ever met - she knows exactly what she is doing.  Rebecca is one of our heroes, compassionate & understanding.  She was really fantastic and I have nothing but good things to say about Bolt Burdon Kemp.


I was trying to buy my council house during this process and would have lost it if Joseph had not gone above and beyond to secure an interim payment I could use as a deposit.  The service was great, I could not have asked for better.  Joseph was compassionate, understanding, efficient, kind, polite, articulate, professional and dedicated.  He went over and above for me at a very difficult time.


I want to particularly mention Charlotte and tell her that I am so grateful for everything, for putting up with me and for her patience and kindness.  She was excellent.

Rebone Molefe

I was very happy with the firm and everyone I dealt with.  Ahmed, Gaggan and Charlotte treated me, at all times, with understanding and kindness and reassured me whenever I needed it.  They held my hand and explained everything to me at every step.


I’m very happy with the lengths that Felicity went to for me and the service that she gave me.  Everything was perfect and she was fantastic.  I’m over the moon with everything she has done.

Anthony Maloney

I was so happy with the service given to me by Rebecca.  The help and support I received from her and the firm in general not only saved my life but changed it for the better.  I never felt I was “just another case”.  Everyone I came into contact with was superb.

Alison Akinrinlola

After a fall in 2014, my Father went 6 months with a undetected broken neck.  Sadly he is now disabled; unable to walk, dress or wash himself.  With their Empathy, professionalism and hard work, BBK have improved my father’s quality of life.


Jessica was the first person I talked to about my situation and the first one to believe me, that was priceless for me.  I got on so well with her, she was great.  From the moment I met her I trusted her and knew she would sort this for me.  I really rate her as a solicitor and wanted to say thanks for all her help.  I also want Jess to know I was sensible and bought a car of my very own with the money I received in compensation, I didn’t waste it.  I never thought I would ever get to a stage where I could buy a nice car and Jess made this happen for me.


Zahra was exceptional, very understanding and kind.


I felt that Hannah always had my best interests at heart – she was very thorough and always kept me updated.  I am really happy with the outcome.

Peter Charles Robinson

Zahra was fantastic, she was so nice to me.  I am so happy with how my case was handled, I can’t fault the service – First Class.

Freddie Howson

Joseph was great, he always explained everything and was really understanding, helpful and kind.  I just want to say a BIG thank you for everything he did for me. Brilliant.  12 out of 10!


Siobhan was outstanding, she was always available and I never felt like I was a burden.  She explained everything clearly and fully and she was always realistic with me, which I very much appreciated.  She was knowledgeable, instilled confidence and was incredibly kind and supportive.  I never felt alone and she took the burden of grief and trauma off my shoulders.  The service was exemplary.   I was worried when I started this process that no one would be able to understand what I had been through but I was left feeling that every single person I was in touch with fully understood me and my position.  The settlement allowed me to settle my debts and live my life.

[Viktoria Uyran and] Hursut Uyran

We were so happy with the service from everyone in the team and really pleased with the result.  Everyone was so nice even though it was not an easy case.  Josh and Ben were the best.  Any problems were dealt with really well, it was stressful but they made it all ok for us.

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