We believe that our clients are as critical to our success as we are to theirs. Given the nature of our work we believe the BBK client-solicitor relationship is much more than a business partnership. It’s a shared journey and often a very personal experience.

Just ask our existing clients…

  • “I am writing this letter to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to your team. I would like to thank the whole legal and medical teams for all they have done and achieved for my wife.

    When my wife was dreadfully affected by the negligence of the hospital a friend of mine recommended Bolt Burdon Kemp. Throughout the case, the whole team has been very kind, supportive and sympathetic and the professionalism that you all have shown towards us has given me the strength to carry on.

    Since the case was handed over to Jo Chapman, she has shown great professionalism and worked tirelessly to bring this case to a successful conclusion. When the first offer was made by the Trust, Jo was not satisfied and found another “gear”, strength and courage to continue fighting for my wife and what she believed she deserved.

    There are no words that can be used to thank Jo for the tremendous work she has done. She deserves ‘five stars’.

    I would certainly not hesitate to recommend your firm to anybody who may find themselves in the position of needing your services. Thank you again for all you have done. My aim in pursing this case was to ensure that my wife would be well cared for for the rest of her life and this has been achieved.”

    Mr Rummun

  • Inbedded testimonials_0006_Cheryl alone“I have been most impressed by the professionalism of the staff at Bolt Burdon Kemp. Cheryl Abrahams and Tracy Smith have been so good at contacting me and keeping me updated with all the details and information I needed. You have made this awkward time seem much easier and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and I’m so very grateful and happy with the settlement I received. Thanks again.”

    Billy Lewis

    “After an accident at my work place I was left incapacitated requiring surgery and eventually unable to return to employment.

    I contacted Bolt Burdon and Kemp and was invited to go and discuss my case with Cheryl Abrahams, one of the Solicitors. I was extremly pleased with the service provided from start to finish. I was kept updated at each stage of my claim & whenever I requested information I had a reply within a day,more often within minutes of my query.

    I did not have to pay any money at all as this was major concern for me as I was not working. Cheryl explained everything very clearly putting me at complete ease.

    Now my case has been won, I will receive all the money awarded and definitely no hidden fees. A totally professional service from begining to end with complete support at all times.”


    Life Changing Injury

    “Keep up the good work for our soldiers.”


    Military Claims

    “I would like to thank you for all your excellent assistance in my case. I always felt you had a personal interest in my case and after the 5 long years it made all the difference…”


    Military Claims

    “I would just like to thank you for your hard work and all the help and guidance you have given me from beginning to end. You made a very difficult and complicated situation very easy and totally stress free.

    I do appreciate all you have done for me and am very grateful.

    Thank you very much.”

    Michael Phillips

    “It is a great relief to have achieved such an outcome…Everyone involved has offered great support and personal service and we are very grateful. We were recommended to you and clearly with good reason.”

    N & S McAuley

    Inbedded testimonial_0005_johnathan team“To Bolt Burdon Kemp,

    I would like to thank Jonathan Wheeler and his team for representing us in a professional, respectful and sensitive manner throughout our lengthy claim for compensation against a Local Authority which has finally been settled.

    We can now put closure to the trauma and move on emotionally.”

    May James

    “I really appreciated the way Cheryl Abrahams dealt with my personal injury claim. Cheryl managed my expectations well, was very patient in dealing with my many questions and helped to reassure me when I was anxious. I was treated with dignity and respect. I can’t thank Cheryl and her team enough.”

    Mary Ann Monteith

    “Cheryl Abrahams and Tracy Smith are true godsends. They are very professional and I cannot thank them enough.

    After five years of suffering debts spiralling, almost losing my house, my marriage and the will to carry on with the immense stress and pressure; they picked me up from a very dark nightmare.

    I approached local well established law firms in Bolton to seek help that turned their back on me saying my case was too complex and not strong enough; I found help 220 miles away in the form of Bolt Burdon Kemp.

    They understood, they listened. I will never be able to express in words Cheryl’s hard work. Choosing this law firm was the best thing I ever did. It has changed my life. Financially I am now a proud father that can provide for my son and family. I had lost the will to live but because of this Law firm I am stronger person. God bless you Cheryl and Tracey.”

    Malkesh Vara

    “I am a lawyer who experienced a traumatic accident with life-threatening injuries. I am likely, perhaps, to be the most testing and critical in the appraisal of her legal team’s conduct; the least likely, perhaps, to be free with praise! In 25 years I have had a wealth of experience of dealing with lawyers, not all of it entirely satisfactory.

    With Bolt Burdon Kemp, however, I was extremely impressed by the relaxed and friendly but highly efficient and business-like manner in which Cheryl Abrahams and her assistant, Tracey, dealt with my case. I felt everything was pitched and poised beautifully in dealings with experts and opponents and the settlement was swiftly and nicely closed.

    The legal issues and law were explained lucidly and succinctly; the experts well-chosen, professional and personable in their own right. Trauma for anyone is difficult and I was touched and most grateful, particularly, for the sensitivity shown by all the members of the team who played a role in the settlement of the case. I would recommend this legal team without reservation.

    Thank you sincerely.”

    Maura Lynch

    “Very quick and impressive assimilation – no wonder you win most of your cases.”

    Liz Connelly

    “It was a real pleasure working with you over the last year and I wish to thank you for all your efforts in keeping me informed at all times, for your availability to me, your willingness to explain things and for your open mind. I think we will be speaking later in the day, but should we not, I wish you a lovely (relaxing) weekend. You deserve it!”

    Dominique Levin

    “I just wanted to say a huge big thank you to you (Cheryl Abrahams) and Tracy (Smith) for all your hard work on my case. I am delighted with the result and I am relieved that the case is over and I can move on. You were efficient, professional and clear in your advice which I really appreciated. From the start I felt confident and I knew that my case was in safe hands.

    Thank you so much! I will not hesitate to recommend you and your firm in the future.”

    Toni Lawrence

    “The first time we met you Jo (Chapman), both Brian and I came away from that meeting confident and happy that you were the right person to represent Danny (in fact I can recall saying “Boy, I’m glad she’s on our side!”).

    Our judgement was not misplaced. You’ve been absolutely brilliant! The outcome is the best we could have hoped for. Although no amount of money can compensate Danny for what he has lost, what it does do is secure his future, which in turn takes a great weight off my shoulders, and gives me peace of mind.

    You don’t know how much that means to me. No amount of words can express our gratitude to you for all that you have done. We’ll never forget you. God bless you.”

    Sheila Kiff

    “I am writing to express my thanks for all the hard work you Cheryl and Tracy put into achieving a satisfactory outcome to my case. From your first contact I felt at ease and was impressed by the professionalism shown during the process. I hope not to need your services again in the future, but rest assured if I or members of my family were to be placed in a similar situation you would be the first person I call.”

    Joss Birchwhite

    “Can I just say thank you for working so hard for me in relation to my complaint, I am of no doubt that it was as a result of the diligent work done by you and your team which has brought the matter to a more than satisfactory conclusion for me.”


    “I would like to say that I am very pleased with the full amount you helped me to achieve. I am very happy and I thank you all for your help and kindness.”

    Isabel Fernandez

    “I just want everybody to know how patient you were and that you were looking out for my care and got me the best treatment. I’m 99 percent better than I was and with your help and the fact that they admitted they had messed up I have a different outlook on life and I can start my life again. Someone was always on the other end of the phone. Many thanks.”

    Ieuan Williams

    “Thank you for your help and support over the last 3 years. Karen and Jo and Eve all worked hard to achieve a final settlement. I really appreciate all the hard work to finally get there. Thanks once again to all at Bolt Burdon Kemp.”

    Hazel Rabin