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Avoiding an accident at work

At Bolt Burdon Kemp we can act for you if you bring an accident at work claim. However, as personal injury solicitors we are committed to helping people avoid accidents at work.

Accident at work claim and your rights

You are entitled to work in environments where the risks to your health and safety are minimised, therefore reducing the risk of an accident at work claim. Under health and safety law, the primary responsibility for this is with employers as they want to avoid an accident at work claim against them. However, as an employee, you have a duty to prevent accidents at work and to prevent your actions causing others to have an accident at work claim. Health and safety legislation requires employers and workers to cooperate, thereby reducing the risk of an accident at work claim.

If you have specific queries about health and safety in your workplace, and you worry that you or someone you work with is at risk from suffering an accident at work, speak to your manager, safety or trade union representative.

If you are an agency worker, then your health and safety is still protected by law and your employment agency has a duty to make sure they follow that law. Your agency has as much of a duty as your actual employer to ensure that you avoid suffering an accident at work claim.

Holidays and rest breaks

All workers are entitled to rest breaks and paid holidays. You should make sure that you take what you are entitled to. If you are tired and/or stressed at work, and not building breaks and holidays into your working routine, you are more at risk of suffering an accident and making an accident at work claim.

The Health and Safety Executive

If you are concerned about your health and safety at work and think you may be at risk of suffering an accident at work you can contact the Health and Safety Executive for help and advice. If you think someone is breaking the law and you can’t get anybody in your organisation to take action, you can tell the Health and Safety Executive and the law will protect you from victimisation

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