Coroner criticises Heart Surgeon Ian Clark Wilson

November 13, 2014

Posted by: Hannah Travis

A Coroner’s Court in Birmingham has criticised a cardiothoracic surgeon formerly of Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, for his involvement in the care of three deceased patients, The Telegraph has reported. The Inquest found that Mr Wilson had undertaken surgery that was “more extensive than necessary” and had failed to act soon enough to signs of concern.

Fifteen patients died under Mr Wilson’s care between September 2011 and September 2012, and 3 deaths were investigated by the Coroner. Mr Wilson was dismissed by the Hospital earlier this year and is currently under investigation by the General Medical Council, who have ordered that any work he currently undertakes is done under the supervision of another consultant.

Concerns were initially raised by the hospital that Mr Wilson was providing false results in medical records to suggest that patients were at higher risk of post-operative deaths than they were. Following a high number of post-operative deaths, an investigation was undertaken by the hospital which led to Mr Wilson’s dismissal and further investigations.

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Posted by: Hannah Travis


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