Don’t Tar all Whiplash Claimants with the same Brush

May 17, 2012
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Recent articles in the press have attacked whiplash claims and their victims stating that most of them are spurious and merely add to the cost of insurance premiums.

Whiplash can be very painful and debilitating to those who suffer its effects, which can often be long term, and if the injury has been caused by the negligence of another, that victim has a cause of action in law.

The problem that we have, and which the insurers have not admitted to, is that insurance companies can be their own worst enemies and pass the blame for growing personal injury claims to solicitors who are merely trying to seek justice to victims of negligence. The fact is, insurance companies actively encourage personal injury claims themselves, whether they are genuine or not.

Firstly, many insurers will ask their customer when they report an accident whether they are injured. If they say that they are, the insurance company will refer them to their panel of solicitors who then will take instructions on making a personal injury claim. The panel solicitors then pay a referral fee to that insurer.

Secondly, many insurers will often make offers to the victims of accidents before they have even notified anyone that are injured or considered making a claim, (known as pre med offers). Therefore, how can the insurance industry make any complaints about personal injury claims when they are actively encouraging people to make claims and actually profiting from them!

Whilst I do not dispute that there may be some people that make fraudulent claims, the Government and the insurance industry should not be so quick to group all claimants who have suffered whiplash into the same category. Whiplash is a genuine injury and should not be trivialised.

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