Success Stories for Medical Negligence

Negligent wrist surgery resulted in scarring

Our client developed a severe wound infection following surgery to his wrist. Our client underwent several wound debridements under a general anaesthetic and further surgical procedures to restore some function to his wrist. This resulted in significant scarring. Our client continued to suffer from pain and stiffness in his wrist and forearm which, in turn, affected his daily activities and his ability to work.

Throughout the duration of this claim, the Defendant continued to deny that the treatment afforded to our client was in any way negligent or the cause of our client’s injury. Despite the full denial of liability the claim settled for £80,000.

NHS settle negligent hip replacement case with right to return for more compensation

Our client was a chef who underwent hip replacement surgery at an NHS Trust. The surgery was negligently performed and as a result, our client required hip replacement revision surgery. He was left with reduced mobility and pain that affected his ability to carry out day to day activities and prevented him from returning to work. He will require further hip revision surgery with a possibility that he will be left more disabled in the future than he was at the time of settlement.

As a result of the risk of future complications, we managed to agree that in addition to the compensation he received at settlement of his claim, he also has the right to return to Court for additional compensation if his condition deteriorates.

Our experience in dealing with high value cases where settlements like these have been claimed, allowed us to achieve a great result for this client. The settlement reached has given him the compensation that he needs to deal with his current level of disability and offers him security for the future if his condition deteriorates.

The claim settled successfully for £600,000, plus the right to return for further compensation if his condition deteriorates.

Below the knee amputation after inappropriate treatment of diabetic patient

Our client was a diabetic who suffered an injury to his foot. His injury healed except for one toe which got infected. He was referred to a vascular surgeon who instead of amputating the toe discharged our client, advising him it would fall off by itself. Our client’s toe continued to deteriorate. He went to his hospital and GP on a number of occasions complaining of his worsening condition with pain now extending up his leg. Unfortunately by the time it was treated, our client had to undergo a below the knee amputation. This had a considerable impact on the quality of his life.

We instructed a number of medical experts to ensure that our client had the best possible help with the care and assistance he will need in the future. He required a prosthetic leg, and his home was also adapted.

The claim successfully settled for £725,000.

Gynaecological injury caused by surgery

Our client sadly suffered a miscarriage and had to undergo a surgical procedure. During this operation her uterus was pierced which caused internal bleeding. She then had to undergo open surgery to repair the damage which resulted in abdominal scarring. The surgery also left her with extensive internal adhesions which tragically left her only able to conceive through IVF.

Our client continues to suffer from pain which greatly restricts her day to day life. She also suffered a significant psychiatric injury and has required counselling. She is also at risk of further gynaecological complications. Her employment is affected and she required adaptations to her home.

The claim successfully settled for £350,000.00.

Unnecessary gynaecological surgery

Our client was referred to a private gynaecologist after a single episode of post-menstrual bleeding. She had no other symptoms. An ultrasound and laparoscopy was performed. She was found to have adhesions to her left ovary and uterus, and a fibroid on one of her ovaries.

She underwent a total hysterectomy and removal of her ovaries despite a registrar’s opinion that it was not needed. The surgery was performed as an open procedure rather than by keyhole. She also suffered from an incisional hernia which had to be repaired in a further procedure.

In summary, our client underwent three unnecessary operations which resulted in physical and psychiatric injuries. The gynaecologist was subject to a GMC investigation and now works subject to a number of conditions.

The claim successfully settled for £48,500.00.

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