Olivia Boschat

Olivia is an Associate Solicitor in the Complex Injury team at Bolt Burdon Kemp.  She focuses on medical negligence claims pertaining to women’s health issues.  Olivia qualified as a solicitor in August 2015 and joined Bolt Burdon Kemp in March 2017.  She is compassionate to the needs of her clients and is approachable at any time of day.

Olivia is very passionate about helping women bring claims after they have suffered birth injuries caused by medical negligence.  Olivia’s clients have suffered life changing physical injuries which have resulted in them having to use a stoma or undergo multiple repair surgeries.  Some of her clients have also suffered psychiatric injuries.  Olivia is determined to get these women the support and compensation they deserve to rebuild their lives and move forward to enjoy their new babies without their injuries holding them back.

Olivia has specialist experience in helping people who have suffered injury as a result of a delay in diagnosis of cancer.  Many of her clients have experienced much more aggressive forms of cancer and have subsequently undergone more invasive treatment as a result of a delay in diagnosis of their condition.  She has represented the families of those who have tragically passed away as a result of a delay in diagnosing and treating cancer.  She feels strongly about helping families to understand what happened to their loved one and wherever possible, securing compensation to assist them at such a difficult time.

Olivia has successfully represented people who have suffered long term injuries as a result of errors during surgery, delayed diagnosis of conditions such as sepsis, providing the wrong or too much medication, and those who have suffered injury as a result of a negligent delay in diagnosis of orthopaedic injuries.

Olivia assists her clients by accessing treatment from occupational therapists, care experts, nutritionists and other specialists who can provide help and advice, as early as possible.  Early rehabilitation can provide huge long term health benefits for the patient’s ultimate prognosis and her clients find this support extremely beneficial.  She is dedicated to fighting for early admissions of liability and early payments of compensation to provide her clients with the treatment and support they need to aid their recovery, at the earliest juncture.

Examples of Olivia’s recent settled cases:

  • Representing a woman who suffered infertility as a result of delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer.  Olivia’s client was awarded a six figure sum in compensation, which included significant provision for surrogacy and future fertility treatment costs.
  • Securing compensation for a woman who suffered a 4th degree tear during childbirth which was not properly repaired.  Her client needed to have surgery to ultimately repair the tear.  She received compensation to cover the costs of future Caesarean sections, which she would need to undergo in respect of any future deliveries.
  • Representing the family of a woman who died as a result of delayed diagnosis of breast cancer.  This claim was defended by the NHS Trust for many years, but Olivia ultimately secured a settlement for the family.
  • Securing compensation for the family of a man who died as a result of his GP’s delay in diagnosing bladder cancer.  The defendant fought for many years before settlement was finally agreed.
  • Obtaining compensation for a woman who suffered life altering injuries as a result of surgical error during gall bladder removal surgery

Olivia took part in the Nuclear Rush in May 2017 to assist her military colleagues in raising funds for BLESMA, who support limbless veterans and she is looking forward to taking part in further fundraising activities for other charities close to her heart.

  • It really has been a great pleasure dealing and working with you, Olivia.  I wish to thank you, Tom and Hannah for all your hard work in trying to help me. I have taken the liberty of attaching a little award for you, to show my appreciation.

    Peter Croughton

  • I wanted to finish this case for my daughter and Olivia helped me to do that.  She did a good job, kept me updated all the way and she was really good.


  • Olivia was absolutely fantastic, she really went above and beyond for us.  My mum had absolute faith in her and she has no faith in anybody normally!


  • It was all really well handled – I was quite slack as I was pregnant for most of the process but Olivia was really good at catching up with me to make sure things progressed and kept me informed.


  • Olivia was great, I felt very informed and knew what was going on all the time.

    Charlie Taylor

  • Olivia did a really good job.


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