This section of the hub is your one-stop shop to getting the most out of your accessible holiday, reminding you of the most important considerations each step of the way.


Does the destination have wheelchair access?

  • Consider going somewhere you have visited before for your first trip after your spinal injury
  • Research accessibility online
  • Plan ahead

Can you travel independently?

  • Travel with a friend who is:
    • Trustworthy
    • Strong enough to push or move you
    • Confident enough to deal with difficulties
    • Able to adapt if things don’t go to plan
  • Consider using a personal assistance agency
  • Be assertive about your needs

What reviews are available for this destination?

  • Read wheelchair users’ travel blogs
  • Be mindful of your own specific needs


How have other wheelchair users found flying in an aeroplane?

  • Remember you’re dealing with three separate businesses:
    • Airline
    • Airport
    • Wheelchair assistance company
  • Decide whether to fly on your own or with a travel partner
  • Consider travelling to the plane in a manual wheelchair
  • Consider the facilities onboard the plane
  • Carry medication in your hand luggage

After booking, have you called the airline to explain your needs?

  • Give the airline details about your wheelchair
  • Book assistance to board the plane, considering:
    • Do you need assistance from the check-in to the gate, or just onto the plane itself?
    • Are you able to walk at all or do you need to be lifted and carried onto the plane with the use of an aisle chair?
    • Can your wheelchair collapse and be stored in the overhead lockers or will it need to be stored in the hold?
  • Find out where you’re sitting on the plane

What do you need to consider when you get to the airport?

  • Get your wheelchair tagged
  • Choose your level of assistance
  • Clarify if you require to be lifted
  • Keep your wheelchair until you embark
  • Have a letter from your doctor

What do you need to consider when boarding the plane?

  • Reiterate your needs
  • Remove any parts of the wheelchair that can come loose
  • Carry hand luggage
  • Brace yourself for landing


Is the hotel able to guarantee a disabled access room?

  • Research deals carefully
  • Contact the hotel directly
  • Consider playing it safe by staying at large chain hotels

Does the room include a wheelchair accessible bathroom and a suitable bed?

  • Ensure shower facilities are suitable
  • Ask for photos of the room
  • Make sure you have the right bed
  • Ask if you require a hoist

Are there any hotel facilities which you will not be able to access?

  • Check accessibility of leisure facilities
  • Check if there is an accessible toilet at reception

What reviews are available for this hotel?

  • Read about how the rooms measure up in practice
  • Discover new tips


What accessible facilities do local restaurants and cafes have?

  • Plan where to eat in advance to avoid disappointment
  • If you’d rather be spontaneous, be prepared to ask for assistance

What are the main accessibility considerations for city breaks?

  • Consider using a specialist tour operator
  • Plan airport transfers

What are the main accessibility considerations for beach holidays?

  • Consider using a FreeWheel (or similar)
  • Try renting a beach wheelchair

What activities do people with similar disabilities recommend?

  • Learn how others managed online
  • Use their tips and advice to plan ahead and give you an idea of budget