Accessible Travel and Spinal Injury

Travelling abroad for the first time after you have suffered a spinal injury can be a daunting prospect. From deciding on a destination, to booking flights and accommodation, there are suddenly so many new things to consider – but this doesn’t have to limit you. Getting advice from someone who has done this many times before and who knows accessible travel inside out can help you get the most out of your holiday.

Here, Raquel Siganporia, who heads up Bolt Burdon Kemp’s Spinal Injury department, gives you her advice around planning an accessible holiday. Raquel, who became paralysed at the age of 11, is the Past-Vice Chair of the Spinal Injuries Association and an avid traveller. Raquel speaks regularly about accessibility issues for people with spinal injuries.


Explore the best way to pick a holiday destination that meets your accessibility needs.


Understand what to bear in mind when it comes to accessibility and flying, from booking to disembarking.


Read about aspects of accessibility to consider when booking your holiday accommodation.


Learn what you need to consider when planning accessible activities for your holiday.


This section of the hub is your one-stop shop to getting the most out of your accessible holiday, reminding you of the most important considerations each step of the way.

Spinal Injury Claims

If you have suffered a spinal injury as a result of some else’s negligence, or you are concerned about the treatment you have received, we can offer you specialist legal advice on bringing a claim for compensation.

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