Housing and healthcare for the Armed Services criticised

June 26, 2012
Ahmed Al-Nahhas - Head of the Military claims team and Partner

Posted by: Ahmed Al-Nahhas

The Guardian has reported today that the Ministry of Defence has been criticised for failing to provide adequate housing and healthcare for service personnel.

The Commons Defence Committee has stated that it is “unacceptable that more than 60% of the forces’ single living accommodation was tea set as not being in a satisfactory condition and that the MoD was unable to say when the situation would be rectified”.

The MoD is giving the wrong message about the value it places on providing good housing to service personnel and their families. The Chair of the Committee, Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, has recommended that “the MoD should use a more effective communications strategy to keep Service families in the picture”.

10 MoD primary care providers have also been criticised by the Quality Care Commission for below standard care, including failing to provide infection control and privacy for patients.

Given the current low morale in the Armed Forces, steps must be taken for improving standards without delay.

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Posted by: Ahmed Al-Nahhas


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