Nurse, Andrew Hutchinson, from John Radcliffe Hospital Jailed for Sexual Assaults

April 29, 2015

Posted by: Siobhán Crawford

In a tale with harrowing similarities to that of Myles Bradbury, Andrew Hutchinson, a nurse working in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, was jailed for 18 years for raping and assaulting those in his care.


Although giving a ‘no comment’ interview when first confronted by Thames Valley Police, Hutchinson pleaded guilty to;

  • Rape;
  • Outraging public decency;
  • Making indecent images of children;
  • Theft of a hospital camera use for internal examinations; and
  • Possession of ketamine – a classified drug sometimes prescribed as a painkiller


However, the court heard that Hutchinson filmed himself raping two patients at the John Radcliffe Hospital as well as attacking a woman who had passed out at a music festival whilst he was on duty as a medic.

In a horrifying turn of events the women he attacked could only identify themselves by watching the many videos that he made of himself assaulting them. This is because his modus operandi was to prey upon women who had lost consciousness and were therefore unaware of his attacks until Thames Valley Police contacted them.

Upon arresting Hutchinson, police found footage of many attacks as well as voyeuristic images obtained whilst volunteering for the 2012 Olympics.


A representative from the John Radcliffe has stated that an internal review is underway to ascertain whether anything could have been done by the hospital to prevent Hutchinson carrying out his crimes.


Judge Ian Pringle QC stated that Hutchinson’s crimes were “despicable”. Echoing the sentencing remarks of Bradbury he also stated that it is “impossible to conceive of a greater breach of trust in our society”.

Police have stated that all those who can be identified have been contacted but if you believe you may have been assaulted by Hutchinson you can contact Thames Valley by calling 101 and quoting Operation Bream.

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Posted by: Siobhán Crawford


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