Masseur Cleared Yet More Women Come Forward

June 20, 2012

Posted by: Rebecca Sheriff

Daniel Pytlarz, masseur to the stars, was last week cleared of sexually assaulting 18 women. Yet just as he was found not guilty, it was revealed that a further police investigation may take place amongst fresh allegations of sexual assault.

Pytlarz, whose clients include Sir Paul McCartney and members of the Saudi royal family was charged with assaulting 18 women between March 2009 and September 2011 but was cleared unanimously of all 21 counts against him last week.

Pytlarz was alleged to have assaulted the women at his North London Spa, the Violet Clinic Body and Skincare Spa, by using tantric massage techniques to inappropriately touch the women. He told Southwark Crown Court that he would have been insane to abuse women given that his wife was in a room nearby. The court clearly agreed and ruled that the touching was accidental.

It has now emerged that since the trial began in May this year more women have come forward to police regarding further allegations of sexual assault and are preparing to deliver a further dossier of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Watch this space for an update in relation to further allegations.

Posted by: Rebecca Sheriff


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