Burnley and Padiham cadet officer jailed for sexual offences against children

July 19, 2017

Posted by: Rebecca Sheriff

In June 2017 former cadet officer George Walker was jailed for more than 5 years after he was found guilty of 12 sexual offences against children.

Walker was involved with the Army Cadet Force in the Burnley and Padiham area of Lancashire during the 1970s where he is thought to have groomed and sexually abused numerous young cadets. The Court heard that Walker would indecently assault cadets by placing his hands in cadets’ trouser during parades. On other occasions Walker squeezed cadets’ genitals. The Court heard that Walker groomed and manipulated certain cadets by showing them close attention and providing them with special treatment and gifts such as theatre trips to Manchester.

Walker’s offending came to light in 2014 after one of the complainants found the courage to report Walker to police following a news item he had seen about sexual abuse in other youth organisations. Thanks to the bravery and courage of the complainants Walker has finally been brought to justice decades after his offences.

In recent weeks Bolt Burdon Kemp has been at the forefront of exposing the scale of sexual abuse within cadet organisations. On 4 July 2017 a number of Bolt Burdon Kemp clients were featured as part of a special Panorama investigation entitled Cadet Abuse Cover-Up.

Our clients highlighted that sexual abuse within the cadets was not a one off occurrence and that cadet organisers may have colluded to prevent abusers from being brought to justice.

In the past 5 years the Ministry of Defence has received more than 350 complaints of abuse within cadet organisations throughout the UK and has also paid more than £200 million in compensation to individuals affected by abuse. These figures demonstrate the scale of sexual abuse within the cadets and the impact sexual abuse has had on the lives of those affected.

If you have information about sexual abuse within the cadets please contact one of our specialist Child Abuse solicitors on 020 3642 8793 or by filling out this contact form. All information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Posted by: Rebecca Sheriff


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