Motorcycle Test Improved To Reduce Road Traffic Accident

November 11, 2011
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Changes are to be made to the motorbike test aimed at improving safety. The tests will be conducted at lower speeds to make them safer in order to avoid accidents. Previously motorcycle learners have been strictly required to reach at least 31 mph before swerving around cones and performing an emergency stop, but trials are underway in which the speed will be reduced to 27 mph. They will also be given more time to prepare for this with an 85-metre straight run-up to exercises. In the current test they only have a few metres’ straight run-up. The speed has already recently been lowered from 31 to 30 mph and rules relaxed so that going to slowly counts as one ‘fault’ instead of instant failure.The plans are revealed in a document sent to rider training firms taking part in the trials, with real learners on a ‘mock roads’ at race tracks including Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Mallory Park, and Rockingham between now and November. A Department for Transport spokeswoman confirmed: “We are trialling new manoeuvres.” Hopefully the new tests will result in fewer Motorcycle accidents and less injuries the results are yet to be seen.


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