Motorcycle Accident Victim Wins Case Against Insurer Over Personal Injury Compensation

April 4, 2011
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A man who was involved in a motorcycle accident has won the right to keep his personal injury compensation after being accused of lying by an insurance company.

Mark Noble, 43, suffered extensive injuries after being knocked down in a road accident in Hampshire in September 2003. The other motorist, Mr Owens, involved admitted liability and Mr Noble was awarded £3.4 million in compensation in 2008 to help him to cope with his injuries, which left him virtually wheelchair-bound.In the months that followed, he taught himself to walk again for short periods and was able to drive occasionally. But during this period he was being watched by Mr Owens’ insurance company, Direct Line. In March 2009, the insurer accused him of lying about the extent of his injuries and the case went to appeal, causing his compensation to be frozen.Last week, however, a High Court judge rejected Direct Line’s allegations and confirmed that Mr Noble will receive the full amount of compensation originally awarded to him. The judge also praised him for his sheer determination in attempting to live as normal a life as possible.


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