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December 13, 2010
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On Sunday morning, I was lucky enough to have cycle training from David Dansky, the Head of Training and Development at Cycle Training UK. They are the biggest independent provider of on-road cycle training and cycle maintenance training in London. The lesson was very informative and useful, and I would recommend it to all cyclists, whether you are just starting out or if you have been cycling for many years. The cost of the lesson is also very reasonable, as it is subsidised by the council. I certainly learned a lot from the lesson. In particular, the advanced skills portion of the lesson was useful in giving techniques to make yourself visible to drivers, whilst keeping your intentions clear.

David is a passionate cyclist, and after the lesson we chatted about some of the initiatives he, and Cycle Training UK, had been getting involved in to make cycling safer. For instance, they had been giving cycling lessons to bus and lorry drivers, to help them deal with cyclists on the road. David is also on the cycling safety panel for Transport For London, whose current campaign is to encourage cyclists to keep an assertive road position, as drivers are then more likely to leave a safe distance when overtaking. On the other hand, cycling next to the curb (or even in the cycle lane) may encourage motorists to overtake when there is not enough room to do so safely.

Many thanks go to David, for the patience he extended in the lesson, and to Cycle Training UK for all the good work they are doing.


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