The Process for Military Claims

If we have agreed to investigate your case, we will write you a letter setting out the next steps and enclosing our terms of business. Normally, we will send a list of the documents we need from you and some forms of authority so that we can obtain copies of relevant medical and personnel records.

We will immediately start our investigations and we will tell you as quickly as possible how likely we think your case is to succeed. If the assessment is positive, we will offer you an appropriate funding agreement.  If not, we will return any papers to you and will not charge you for our work.

In cases involving medical negligence or in injury claims where the medical condition is complicated, we will involve medical specialists at an early stage. These experts will provide reports for us to discuss with you. It may be necessary to go back to the expert several times with follow-up questions to make sure that the claim is a strong one.

When we have enough information to set out our case to the defendant (in military cases this will often be the Ministry of Defence but it could also be a civilian hospital, authority or individual) we will write a Letter of Claim. The defendant will have between 3 and 6 months, depending on the type of case, to respond by admitting or denying liability (responsibility for the incident).

If they admit, we can move straight on to looking at how much your claim is worth and will attempt to reach an agreement that will satisfy you. If no reasonable agreement can be reached or if liability is denied, we will start the work that will lead to issuing the case at court and ultimately – if an appropriate settlement is not achieved in the meantime – being tried before a judge.