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  • Child Abuse in the Scouts

    Child Abuse in the Scouts Scout leaders should encourage the adventurous, fun side of childhood, equipping children with life skills while ensuring they don’t grow up too quickly. While it can seem unthinkable that people with this…

  • Where does abuse happen?

    Where does abuse happen? Child abuse and adult abuse can happen anywhere, including in your own home by someone you trust. Perpetrators tend to look for circumstances where they may be able to abuse their target without…

  • Child abuse and the law

    Child abuse and the law If you or a loved one has suffered abuse, assault or neglect at the hands of a person, organisation or institution, you may be legally entitled to make a claim for compensation….

  • The Process

    The Process for Child Abuse Claims Making a claim for compensation because you have been abused will seem incredibly daunting. This is why we have a specialist team fighting for justice for your clients. Once you get…

  • Child Abuse Success Stories

    Success Stories for Child Abuse Claims You are now reading a selection of our successful Child Abuse cases. Explore our case studies by clicking on one of the categories below: 1. Individuals and family 2. The Scouts…

  • June 26, 2019 News & Blogs

    Sexual Abuse and the Internet – Time for Change

    In recent years we have seen stories of non-recent sexual abuse hit the headlines time and again. As a nation, we have acknowledged the extent of non-recent child sexual abuse and the damage it has done. As…

  • March 7, 2016 News & Blogs

    Successful group action against the Scout Association

    I have recently been successful in a group action against the Scout Association for childhood abuse suffered by five clients. Background – the abuse My clients were sexually abused by Mr Phillip Muttock, who was the Scout…

  • December 3, 2020 News & Blogs

    Ex-Scout leader, Graham Avison, jailed for sexual abuse

    On 23rd November 2020, at Minshull Street Crown Court, Graham Avison, an ex-Scout leader was sentenced to more than five years imprisonment after pleading guilty to four counts of indecent assault against a scout.  Avison was issued…

  • July 8, 2016 News & Blogs

    Recent successes against the Scout Association

    We are very pleased to recently help two very deserving clients settle claims against the Scout Association arising out of the abuse they experienced at the hands of scoutmasters during childhood. The cases were very different but…