Welfare Benefits for Children

At Bolt Burdon Kemp, the dedicated solicitors in our specialist Child Brain Injury team represent children with acquired brain injury caused by substandard medical treatment or an accident that was not their fault. We work closely with independent financial advisors, Nestor who provide specialist welfare benefits advice to our clients and their families. Our clients tell us that this advice is invaluable. It has resulted in our clients and their families receiving benefits they never knew they were entitled to, at a time when funds are much needed, perhaps because a parent has given up work to care for their child or because funds are needed to pay for specialist care, treatment, equipment or adaptations to the home.

Free seminar

Given our clients’ experience, we strongly felt that many families would find the advice Nestor provide useful. Therefore, we hosted a free seminar about welfare benefits for children on 3rd November 2015 at our offices in London.

The speaker was Lee Ryan, Welfare Benefits Advisor at Nestor.Although our clients are children with an acquired brain injury, the seminar was relevant to  all parents, carers or guardians of children with a range of disabilities or special education needs, as well as to front line charity staff and advice centre employees.

Information leaflet

We have produced a leaflet setting out the main points from the seminar, which is available for you to view (pdf).

The leaflet covers the following areas:

  • The impact of recent changes to the rules concerning state benefits
  • What benefits are availableto children with a disability and/or special educational needs , and also their parents or guardians
  • What benefits may be available when the child reaches 16 years old
  • How compensation may affect the right to claim benefits, and how to preserve entitlement to benefits

Please contact our Child Brain Injury team if you would like to hear more about our work on behalf of children with acquired brain injury. You can contact us by email or telephone 0203 6038 648.