Sports Injury Claims Seminar

September 10, 2009

Posted by: Suzanne Trask

This week I attended a specialist seminar on sporting injuries and the law, focusing in particular on football related injuries and claims. It was a very useful session, with high profile figures in the football industry and sports injury lawyers discussing the latest approaches to these claims. I have a particular interest in clinical negligence claims that relate to the medical treatment (or lack of treatment) that is provided to a professional player/participant after a sports injury. There are usually complex issues in the quantification of such claims, as the claim for loss of earnings necessarily requires some speculation on the level of success that they would have achieved in a very competitive industry. Both lay witness and expert evidence are key to project an accurate a picture as possible of the path a claimant would have followed had they not received negligent treatment.

Posted by: Suzanne Trask


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