Doctors banned from prescribing anti-ageing drugs over the phone or internet

July 10, 2012
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I was very interested and pleased to learn that following an investigation, doctors will be banned from prescribing anti-ageing drugs like Botox over the phone or internet if they have not seen their patients face to face.

Potentially, Botox is a dangerous medicine and can normally only be prescribed by a doctor. It is reported that The General Medical Council (GMC) has said that new rules will be published later this week to stop doctors remotely prescribing injectable cosmetic medicines to patients.

Niall Dickson, the chief executive of the GMC said “There are good reasons why these are prescription-only medicines and we believe doctors should assess any patient in person before issuing a prescription of this kind.”

Leading cosmetic surgeon and former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Dr Nigel Mercer, said, “This is a wake-up call. It’s not an appropriate way for providing a medical service.”

Clearly, this is wrong and stricter regulations must be put into place to protect the public from these unsafe practices and potentially dangerous cosmetic medicines.

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