Our Rhicha Kapila discusses the MoD’s failings on military mental health issues with Eddie Nestor, BBC Radio London

Rhicha Kapila - Partner in the Military Claims Team

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Rhicha Kapila

Head of the Military Department at Bolt Burdon Kemp, Rhicha Kapila, was interviewed by Eddie Nestor on Drivetime BBC Radio London – listen here at 1:47:40 for the full interview.

Eddie reports on an Army Widow who suffered 5 miscarriages, and is suing the MoD for failing to stop and treat her husband’s severe PTSD. This led him to attack her in his sleep. Eddie questioned whether this is yet another example of the system failing our servicemen and women, and just how common PTSD actually is?

Rhicha comments on her experience of service personnel who have returned from a difficult tour, but who have not always gone on to receive the appropriate mental health support. She says “early screening and diagnosis will almost always result in a better outcome for the individual”. “Soldiers ought to be downgraded to avoid re-exposure and should be referred by a Medical Officer to the appropriate military mental health team for a diagnosis and treatment”.

Rhicha represents a number of servicemen and women who’s PTSD is misdiagnosed, and on occasion do not receive an adequate discharge medical to ensure continuity of care. This failing often results in the illness becoming chronic, resulting in soldiers losing their military career, and unable to transition into everyday civilian life and employment. This can have a profound and devastating impact on their lives.

If you have suffered a delay in diagnosing PTSD, and you are concerned about the treatment that you have received, contact us free of charge and in confidence on 02017 288 4845 or at rhichakapila@boltburdonkemp.co.uk for specialist legal advice. Alternatively, you can complete this form and one of our specialist military solicitors in the military team will contact you.


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