Brake Campaign: Drive Less, Live More

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Brake is a road safety charity who campaign to promote action on road safety.  Their invaluable work aims to make our roads safer for all to use and to prevent accidents resulting in serious injury and even death.

Brake have launched a campaign called ‘Drive Less, Live More’.  Research carried out by the charity has shown that 75% of drivers surveyed think that people in the UK use their cars too much.  Brake has shown through their research that this is resulting in exposure to an increase in air pollution and a lack of exercise, both of which impact negatively on our health.

Brake in conjunction with their partners AIG and Specsavers have prepared this useful guide, showing the statistics for each local authority.

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According to Brake, there are 5 deaths and 64 serious injuries on UK roads every day.  This is a 4% increase since last year.  It follows that if there are fewer cars on the roads, then the number of accidents should go down too.

As a personal injury solicitor representing victims of road traffic accidents, I could not agree more with this campaign.  Research carried out by showed that almost 1 out of 3 accidents happen within a mile a motorist’s home.  It is unclear if this is as motorists lose concentration when nearing their home, or if it is because there are more journeys taking place.  Brake’s research has shown that 23% of journeys made in their survey were of less than 2 miles in distance.

Research has shown that motorists in the UK often drive when it is unnecessary to do so.  This may be due to the ease of the journey, or when running late to get to work on time or to catch a train. This is dangerous in itself.  Will the motorist be able to drive as safely if they are concerned about being late?

I consider that when faced with a short journey, we should think twice before picking up the car keys.  There are only benefits that can come from such action.  Fewer cars on our roads will result in less air pollution, an increase in daily exercise and a reduced chance of road traffic accidents.

My experience as a personal injury solicitor is that even minor road traffic accidents can have serious consequences for the individual involved and their families.  Any action that can reduce the risk of accidents can only be a good thing.

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