Dental Negligence Claims

Many people visit a dentist from a young age to ensure they have healthy teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes the standard of care given is significantly below what we expect.

At Bolt Burdon Kemp, we know that negligent dental treatment can have serious long-term consequences, and our team of caring professionals will give the best possible advice.

Contact us now to discuss your situation. Your claim will usually be on a no-win, no-fee basis, and most cases do not reach court.

Dental Care

Regular check-ups ensure our teeth are healthy, and can help avoid problems developing in later life. During an oral examination the dentist will also look for signs of other health issues. If they find anything that may indicate a problem, they will refer you for further investigations.

The use of braces and other forms of cosmetic dentistry are used to improve the appearance of teeth. This treatment may be provided by a specialist, called an orthodontist.

A patient should expect a reasonable standard of treatment.

Examples of possible dental negligence

If the dental treatment you receive is substandard, it can cause long-term injuries requiring further treatment, which can be expensive.

Substandard treatment in children in particular can lead to long-term treatment being required.

Dental treatment may be negligent where there is:

  • Unnecessary dental treatment leading to injury
  • A failure to interpret a dental x-ray correctly
  • An injury caused by a poorly-fitted dental bridge or implant
  • A failure to recognise or report a health concern that should have been found, leading to a delay in diagnosis
  • Substandard treatment leading to a serious infection or nerve damage

If you feel you may have suffered dental negligence, contact our dedicated team of solicitors who will be able to discuss your options.

At Bolt Burdon Kemp, we understand that whilst money can’t completely remedy the impact that dental negligence may have on your life, it can help. You can also get compensation to cover the costs of any treatment that you need, that wouldn’t have been required if the initial dentistry had been of an appropriate standard.

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