Cosmetic Surgery Claims, Specialist Solicitors

We can assist you with your cosmetic surgery claim. Whether a cosmetic procedure by choice or a reconstructive operation following injury, cosmetic or plastic surgery is inextricably linked with the sensitive issue of the way in which we see ourselves and wish to be seen by our friends and family.

The private elective cosmetic surgery industry continues to grow as a presence in the UK’s healthcare environment and increasing numbers of people undergo procedures year upon year, ranging from botox injections to face lifts to breast augmentation.

Cosmetic surgery promises to help people right the body image wrongs they feel they would otherwise have to live with. It can often be an empowering experience that benefits people’s lives. However, unfortunately in an ever expanding industry with little to no regulation, procedures can and do often go wrong.

What can go wrong?

  • Patients can be ill-informed about the risks of procedures leading them to undergo procedures that they would otherwise reconsider
  • There may be little or no post-operative care
  • In the case of private treatment, further remedies may be offered at an additional cost
  • What sorts of injuries and complications might occur?
  • Injuries and complications following surgery can include:
  • Burns following hair removal or laser liposuction
  • Excessive or unsightly scarring following tummy tucks, brow lifts, facelifts, or breast augmentation procedures;
  • Misshapen or damaged breasts or abdomen
  • Wound infection

Our specialist medical negligence solicitors are sensitive to the concerns of those who have undergone cosmetic procedures. Whether you have had a reconstructive procedure through the NHS or elective surgery through a private provider, we are able to advise on whether you have a claim and what remedies may be available to you and the time limits that apply.

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